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  • stockboardguy stockboardguy Apr 19, 2013 5:23 PM Flag

    Lets Go With It! I will Play Along!! We Get Wiped On April 30th!!!

    Okay, even though Pro has been wrong hundreds, make that thousands of times, lets play along.

    Common is going to be wiped.

    Now we need a Valuation Hearing.

    But how do we do a valuation hearing when the UK pensions is still unresolved?

    The DI business has not sold?

    The PI business has not sold and so far not even a plan to sell it with a SHB.

    The OPEB deal that was setteled for 635 Million, and Citi bought it for $70 million. ( I personally think Kodak had a good ole boy deal with Citi to bust that move and will pay citi over time like $100 to $140 million.

    I expect all of this to keep going on and being extended until July to Sept to come out of 11.

    Of course Common intact.


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    • 1) There will NOT be a valuation hearing for the shareholders!

      2) NO attorneys are going to waste their time trying to convince Judge Gropper that the $ 1 to $2 billion of negative equity is a figment of his imagination.

      3) The POR put forth by Kodak on April 30th will most likely be NOT acceptable to the vast majority of the Unsecured class.

      4) Therefore, Kodak will fart around in futile negotiations until the end of May, when they submit another POR, that is still NOT acceptable to the vast majority of the Unsecured.

      5) After exclusivity expires, unsolicited takeover offers for Kodak will be submitted, that will provide substantially better recovery to the unseucured class.

      6) After a number of heated court room sessions led by the desperate Kodak attorneys, Kodak's fate will be sealed.

      7) Kodak will end up in liquidation.

      8) Secured will be paid in full... Unsecured will get more than 50 cents on the dollar, but final recovery will not fully satisfy claims.

      9) Of course the Kool aid crew will get ZERO.

      10) SBG will go crazy and form a plan to cause harm to all those who he thinks have harmed him.

      11) He will end up in a cell wedged between the underwear bomber, and other assorted delusional freaks.

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      • LOL!

        I just read your post, as the 1st time I just quickly scanned through it and missed this Gem:

        7) Kodak will end up in liquidation.

        You are so stupid that I can NOT believe it!!

        This one is cataloged and ready to be brought back to the top when the time is right.


        I need to show this to the Kool Aide Crew to show them just how stupid you really are!

        LOL we are going to end up in chapter 7!

        You missed your calling!

        You should be doing stand comedy!


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      • You are hilarious!

        You need to be writing fiction, instead of pretending to be someone who knows investments and the ability to give others advice.

        If I lose I will go on.



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    • Don't you just love to see the longs eating their own. Pro use to be their hero and prophet. Provides me with so much amusement.

    • "( I personally think Kodak had a good ole boy deal with Citi to bust that move and will pay citi over time like $100 to $140 million."

      Regardless of your little conspiracy theories Kodak is still technically on the hook for $635 million and will show this as a liability.

    • "Now we need a Valuation Hearing"

      Wake Up! Wake Up!

      "1. Procedure for Valuing Secured Claims.

      Bankruptcy Rule 3012 deals with the procedure in the valuation of a secured claim. It provides that:

      [t]he court may determine the value of a claim secured by a lien on property in which the estate has an interest on motion of any party in interest and after hearing on notice to the holder of the secured claim and any other person as the court may direct.

      Rule 3012, F.R.B.P. A valuation proceeding is a contested matter under Bankruptcy Rule 9014. If the validity, priority or extent of a lien is at issue, in addition to the valuation of the secured claim, Bankruptcy Rule 7001(2) states that the proceeding is an adversary proceeding which is initiated by the filing of a complaint. Typically at a VALUATION HEARING the parties will present evidence of value, usually through testimony by appraisers or other experts."