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  • kevin.blandford kevin.blandford Apr 22, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    Think about it . .

    Why are we holding a 50% gain over the last 2 months? Why are we trading OVER the 50 day moving average when we are about to get cancled? Go ahead Pro, say it ain't big players, say it's Mom and Pop investors. Go ahead, say it.

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    • ) At appx. the same time that Kodak shares went vertical, a number of other BK stocks did the same.

      2) The many months of a rising stock market created the conditions where HOT MONEY traders will buy into any stock that goes UP.

      3) Kodak has 40 THOUSAND some shareholders all over the world.

      4) It does NOT take much to get hundreds of traders to lay a $25,000 to $45,000 bet to buy 100,000 shares of Kodak, when the stock is going straight up. Why is it so difficult to see 100 traders buying 100,000 shares each= 10 million shares.

      5) Tens of thousands of other people own shares in Kodak that they have mistakenly forgotten about, or do not understand why 20 or 30 cents is better than nothing. Therefore, many shares of Kodak will just go to zero, the same way they did with GM, with the owners being oblivious.

      6) On top of that add all the computer bots that buy and sell the same shares many times over in the same day to make a fraction of a penny.

      7) Add to that a few larger traders who will lay down a few hundred grand to make a quick trade.. If some Italian dude can sell a few million shares on bad patent news....Why can't he buy a million shares back to trade the spike... then make a few crazy posts about the negative covenants, then sell and go away?

      8) Then add in other folks who see some PR about producing touch screens, and do not understand how Kodak share will be getting ZERO.

      FINALLY, there is a website of Kodak stock PUMPERS that have a "searchable data base", that they use to TWIST and DISTORT any word or phrase, to perpetuate a fairy tale.

      HOW can some of the best distressed investors in the world, who have been in negotiations with Kodak, NOT be bidding up the Unsecured claims... IF they will get 100% ???

    • cruel.intentions999 Apr 22, 2013 1:25 PM Flag


      How can they announce cancellation without even knowing the outcome of the asset/auction sales?