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  • hadrian0966 hadrian0966 Apr 25, 2013 1:06 AM Flag

    bonds trading - puppets on a string

    Every morning for the last 30 days...somebody puts up a small lot between 13 and 14...less than 100 face on 277461bd0,,the 2013s....when that is gone,,spread is 20+%

    They want the bonds between 13-14 until the UK settlement and the POR and that is that. How can they justify a settlement if the usnecured debt were to rise to 30+ ..but of course.

    So we sit and wait.

    The stock trading is also very curious. By now it should be sub 10c, yet here it is pinned- first at 20c then at 30 c. I would NOT rule out a common surge based on this. In a POR with such a big asset base valuations are anybody's game.

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    • Just the exact OPPOSITE of your supposition.... People are NOT buying Kodak bonds, UNTIL they have more info about the POR...

      Your conspiracy theories place you firmly into the wacko category......

      Nobody is controlling people from buying the bonds!!!!

      Furthermore, funds are NOT going to sell bonds for 13, so they can buy them back at 30...

      SILLY little boy!!!!

    • I think you are dead on and objective. Someone with some balls and $ should bid up some bonds despite the premium just to see what happens... I mean, if the bonds are a guaranteed 700% as PRO says.

      There's no way that between CI and all these licenses/JV's that KODAK could claim they can "pay their bills" and establish covenants to such effect in their POR, and leave the creditors out in the cold to get their 700% over the next many years as kodak makes on time payments. Yeah. No way, right PRO? Tell us why that's not possible.

      Sentiment: Hold