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  • viclobserver viclobserver Apr 25, 2013 3:09 PM Flag

    UNXL partnership with Kodak holds " POTENTIAL", but ONLY for the NEW owners, the CREDITORS !!!!

    The Uniboss technology has not yet been expanded into large scale production, but it does appear to have the basic requirements.

    There is a HUGE potential, but it is still early.

    Many times systems only show problems when they are expanded to full scale.

    Kodak is supplying some key patented technology!

    Dupont and MMM offered potential as alternative production partners to UNXL.

    Fuji has their own proprietary offering that is not yet getting much press.

    The competitive offering from a small British company in partnership with chip maker Atmel, appears to be more expensive to manufacture.

    While the British company is suing UNXL for patent infringement , it appears that the suit is not related to the Uniboss technology, which is the key technology that is being contributed to the partnership with Kodak.

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    • kidkodak Apr 25, 2013 6:53 PM Flag

      bonds are still 13, hence common is billions in the RED!

    • Pro/Vic,

      So last week the Uniboss technology was small potatoes and the Kodak deal was nothing to write home about. Now the deal has HUGE potential. LOL!!! You are truly the king of spin. Are you tired of back peddling? Have you really not figured out that you know nothing? A chimpanzee throwing darts at a board while being blindfolded and spun around has a better grasp of what's going at Kodak.

      Funny how your new position is that this deal is good for you but bad for the shareholders. You did note above that Kodak is supplying some key patented technology. You do realize that the shareholders of Eastman Kodak invested heavily into that patented technology? In fact, they OWN the patents!!!! Are we to believe that these patents have no value? You are so myopic. It would certainly seem the unipixel deal substantiates just how valuable they are. You do realize that the deal with Unipixel will have a projected revenue stream for many years to come? You do realize that Gropper will assign a fair value to this revenue. You do realize that this revenue can be used to pay the UK pension. You do realize this revenue can be used to pay other liabilities as they come due? You do realize this industry has a RIDICULOUS growth rate?

      Just a question? If the shares survive, how are you going to live with yourself? Your reputation is already ruined. Your too stupid to have any pride. What are your plans should the stock survive? SPIN...SPIN...SPIN....SPIN.

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      • Projections? stop the nonsense. projections are half baked. The only thing that matters is real EBITDA.
        Zero coming................

      • kidkodak Apr 25, 2013 6:50 PM Flag

        Bottom line, you dream about how valuable kodaks patents are but in the end the creditors will be taking control of this ship and Common has NO value solely based on EBITDA. CAUSE thats all that really matters to creditors in the BK process. Shareholders can dream all they like.......they have ZERO value by atleast a few billion!

      • Right on Matt...right on....

      • The guy has NO CLUE what is really going on!

        ALL this technology is owned by the shareholders!

        All the Patents!

        ALL OF IT was earned on shareholders dime!

        PRO doesn't know the real deal!

        At first he said the deal was BS, and was unproven technology and was questionable if it would even be used, NOW its a massive deal!! LOL

        PRO NOW says:

        " but it does appear to have the basic requirements.
        There is a HUGE potential, but it is still early. "

        BUT it will be for the NEW owners of Kodak, LOL!

        This space is projectected to be 32 billion by 2018!

        2-3 spin offs is what I feel is coming.

        MANY significant JVs. and also a Patent company with a JV with IV.

        Mark this post.

        The data that I and others have been analyzing shows many more deals coming shortly.

        Really helps when you know how to analyze data, and NOT just talk out of your butt after a few bottles.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy