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  • viclobserver viclobserver Apr 25, 2013 7:17 PM Flag

    SBG, Your projections are meaningless! How are you going to satisfy the CREDITOR claims????

    You canNOT use projections to pay interest! Therefore, the creditor claims must be satisfied with whatever assets are left, after collateral is set aside for the secured loans.

    The current EBITDA does NOT allow Kodak to carry more than the appx. $800 million of debt, which coincidentally is the appx. amount of the exit financing.

    That leaves appx. $2 BILLION of Unsecured claims after the 2nd liens are paid off with cash.

    So, HOW are you and KOOL AID crew going to satisfy $2billion of Unsecured claims??????

    Before you boneheads get a dirty nickel, you must FULLY satisfy the Unsecured claims....

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I almost forgot you canNOT tell us... because its a "secret"... Right????

    Whenever you must actually deal with REALITY, all the "data" become secret Bernie Madoff "secret" info...

    Does that about cover it???????

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