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  • viclobserver viclobserver Apr 30, 2013 9:33 PM Flag

    (S)tupidity (B)efore (G)oodness, otherwise known as the head MORON, is MIA.. WHY????

    IF this DB has any brains he SOLD out today!!!!

    He is now heading for the airport, one step ahead of the SEC/FBI...

    Where in the world is WALDO????

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    • A number of us that know SBG, advised him not to post with you any longer. Seems he kept offering you employment as his new "water closet stooge". Problem is, he already employs Rochester for those services. We felt he was exposing himself to legal battles with you & Rochesters labor union.
      I bet you wield a wicked awesome plunger!
      You should really stick to your day job, as you really suck at investing.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy