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  • simp4128 simp4128 May 1, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    POR looks great for holders of debt

    The management team (CEO), BOD and owners will all be new. If the Kodak businesses that remain are as good as many on this board have proclaimed over the past year right up to today (those saying a buy out would bring in big dollars) then once the new stock starts to trade the price should rise dramatically from the currently implied $11 per share for the new shares (40M shares, 35M to 2nd lien covering $375M,simple calculation). Why would one want to continue to pay high fees and sell the company in BK when you could exit and ride the increase in the stock that you were given (the unsecured bonds will receive only a few cents on the dollar of the new shares valued at $11 per share) As I said if the new shares are very under valued why not get out of BK as fast as possible and stop the lawyer, consultants etc. bleeding and let the market drive the stock price to where it belongs. A Chapter 7 would be a disaster for all excluding the secured and lawyers/consultants. Do not listen to Vic, first he says buy the stock, then buy the bonds now sell off the assets (which again if they are so valuable the new stock will take off and the unsecured will do well).

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