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  • BabStockGirl BabStockGirl Jun 29, 1999 6:03 AM Flag


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    • BEBE will trade up long term by late DEC. and
      early Jan. in the mid 50's. 1) People are spending
      money like crazy which will continue thanks to the job
      market. 2) Back to school this Fall (every girl is
      dressing up like Alley) 3) Holiday seasons approaching
      Nov. and Dec.. These are perfect conditions for BEBE
      to rise. In the short term probably won't trade
      above 30's.

      Now if BEBE could only get Mia Hamm
      and the Women's Soccer team as a sponsor, BEBE would
      be on top of the world. They are the hotest team on
      the market.


    • I hope you guys are doing great. Something I
      heard today on CNBC: the productivity number has some
      seasonality associated with it so the comparison should not
      be to last quarter, but really to the same quarter
      of last year. If you do that comparison one sees
      that productivity has indeed gone up comparitively
      every quarter. Yet I think your main point is correct.
      They expected to see 2%, yet we ended up at

      As far keying in on these two reports as to why the
      market is going crazy, I've had my eye on these for the
      last 2 weeks. I think I reported on this in post 1163.
      My thought was, and still is, that the timing of
      these reports is good and along strong SSS from bebe.
      Institutions would most likely be cautious and stay on the
      sidelines until this data is out. If things look good, they
      will come in and buy, squeezing the shorts out in a
      big way. bebe right now is not only a "Growth" play,
      but also a "value" play, and most likely will soon be
      a "momentum" play. It will be tough to keep Russel
      2000 fund managers off of this thing.

      beyond the economic issues, things (with high
      bang-for-the-buck) to look for are indications that the long-term
      growth numbers for the company to be re-adjusted upward
      due to the phenomenal growth they are experiencing.
      One such news was the opening of the 20 stores next
      year instead of 15, which again points to how
      undervalued this stock is at this time. Lets hope tomorrow's
      economic news on employment is tame enough that the
      institutions start coming in on the long side.


    • The last time I was in the stock, I entered at
      around $22 and sold 4 days later at around $30. This
      stock trades so abnormally. Again, I must stress the
      low float of the stock. The chairman owns, I beleive
      over 80% of the outstanding stock. The float is VERY
      SMALL. I just got back in today at under $25 and will
      sell next week when it hits $30. I don't see why it
      wont. H&Q has a $50 price target. BankBoston is behind
      the stock, and has been for a very long time. So, I
      dont think you'll see $50, or even $45, but mid $30's
      should be approachable.

    • True to form BEBE is down again. BEBE SUCKS!
      Still long with BEBE but with a heavy heart. How long
      do we have to wait for the price to go up.....
      imagine down $10 dollars in 2 weeks even after good news
      upon good news. Again no support price in sight. Hope
      a rally will ensue in order to kill the shorts this
      time around. I cant wait for the shorts to get hard
      end of the stick once...

    • Enjoyed reading your posts. Pumba....The SSS
      numbers were outstanding! Thanks for posting the list.
      Bebe's earnings, combined with todays numbers should put
      to rest any fears that "Longs" have had over the
      past couple of months. As a company they've done all
      they can. Now it's up to the investment community.

      Pare Ray, I agree with you about the Fed, and the
      economic reports. Especially the ECI. I think the market
      is oversold at this point, and if tomarrows numbers
      look good, we might see a strong rally. (whether it
      holds prior to the next FOMC meeting is another story).
      I'm keeping a close eye on DOW 10,490. That number
      represents the market's June low, and if it closes below
      that level, I think the market could really
      tank.(IMHO) Hopefully, we are finding the bottom of a trading

      It appears that BEBE's first quarter is a forgone
      conclusion....(another great one)....Hopefully the market will start
      helping us out soon.

    • I wonder what you are thinking... this morning
      Apr-Jun quarter productivity slowed to a 1.3% increase,
      (previous quarter was 3.6%) and the ECI came out last week
      at an 1.1% increase more than doubling the previous
      quarter. Appears to be increasing inflation indicators,
      esp after what Greenspan implied in his recent
      remarks to congress.

      From what he said, I believe
      he is watching these numbers more than any others.
      In fact, Rep F. Barney asked him "what amount of
      growth is sustainable?" he basically avoided a number
      anwser and referred to several indicators he would be
      watching closely, including productivity and the

      I think this is what is driving the market crazy
      right now.

      So, any opinion either way?

    • The 18% SSS was not a surprise, but the 45%
      increase in sales tells me that the licensing, shoes
      sales, and new stores continue to be strong. The stock
      is down but I have not worries here. With the
      holidays just peeking over the horizon and brand
      acceptance really hot the longs will prevail. I already own
      3k shares, but will double my position if it gets to
      the low 20's.

    • Best SSS reported that I could find so far in the
      retail industry. Small Cap institutional investors are
      bound to take notice of this. Perhaps waiting until the
      two key economic reports come out this Thursday, and
      Friday. The data below was posted on the Motely Fool so
      we should get good exposure to general investors as
      well. Just a small buying will make lots of shorts

      July Retail Same-Store Sales

      - Ann Taylor
      Stores (NYSE: ANN) -- up 7.2%
      - American Eagle
      Outfitters (Nasdaq: AEOS) -- up 13.5%
      - bebe stores
      (Nasdaq: BEBE) -- up 18.6%
      - Bon-Ton Stores (Nasdaq:
      BONT) -- down 1.5%
      - The Buckle (NYSE: BKE) -- down
      - CarMax Group (NYSE: KMX) -- down 3%
      Circuit City Group (NYSE: CC) -- up 15%
      Consolidated Stores (NYSE: CNS) -- up 3.6%
      - Costco Cos.
      (Nasdaq: COST) -- up 11%
      - Dillard's (NYSE: DDS) -- up
      - Dollar General (NYSE: DG) -- up 10.7%
      Factory 2-U Stores (Nasdaq: FTUS) -- up 11.2%
      Federated Department Stores (NYSE: FD) -- up 4.7%
      Footstar (NYSE: FTS) -- down 1.8%
      - Haverty Furniture
      Cos. (NYSE: HVT) -- up 14%
      - J.C. Penney (NYSE:
      JCP) -- department stores up 4.1%; drug stores up 8%

      - Men's Wearhouse (Nasdaq: SUIT) -- up 4.1%
      Michaels Stores (Nasdaq: MIKE) -- up 4%
      - Mothers Work
      (Nasdaq: MWRK) -- up 12.1%
      - Musicland Stores (NYSE:
      MLG) -- up 2.4%
      - Pacific Sunwear of California
      (Nasdaq: PSUN) -- up 9%
      - S&K Famous Brands (Nasdaq:
      SKFB) -- no change
      - Sharper Image (Nasdaq: SHRP)
      -- up 17%
      - Stage Stores (NYSE: SGE) -- down
      5.7% (fiscal second quarter)
      - Sunglass Hut
      International (Nasdaq: RAYS) -- up 7.4%
      - Talbots (NYSE:
      TLB) -- up 14.4%
      - Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) -- up 9.6%

      - Zale Corp. (NYSE: ZLC) -- up 5.6% (fiscal fourth

    • 18% increase in SSS! I guess you were right about good numbers for July.

    • the shorts will be messing in their shorts....

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