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  • bebeisbest bebeisbest Sep 9, 1999 2:12 PM Flag

    Bebe is a great stock

    Very Good long term Stock, price is right and interest is strong, I believe in this stock , and like Bebe quality alot,
    Stores are always busy, Very well organized..Keep up the good work.

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    • I have been eyeing this stock since the beginning
      of the year. I was often close to buying it, but I
      never did. My gut is now telling me to buy this stock.
      Its foward P/E matches earnings growth estimates.
      There are only 2 million shares on the float (Masouf,
      CEO holds 20 million of the 24 million outstanding).
      Has high rating from analysts. Listed high in
      Business Week's top small companies list. Manufactures its
      own clothing like The Gap (keeps costs low). I can go
      on and on. Someone help me. Tell me why I should not
      buy BEBE on Monday. To me this stock is screaming
      "buy me."

    • Of course, retail sector has been weak lately.
      But with its tremendous growth rate, BEBE will jump
      to the high twenties shortly. After earnings report,
      mid 30's still seems cheap.

      If you examine
      the movement and volume lately, BEBE is going through
      a consolidation process. After it shakes out the
      weak hands, it will pop in no time. There is no debate
      over it's fundamentals. Technically speaking, BEBE

      Positive 9/3 Day Stochastics Breakout

      Positive 8/17/0 Week MACD Breakout

      It also is one
      of the few

      Stocks with Earnings Upgrade
      Stocks off 52 week High with Strong Momentum

      So grab your shares before it gets a little

      Once again, buy on the weakness and sell when feeling
      the glory.

      Relax and enjoy the ride.

    • is very very good. days to cover is now
      approaching 11, due to declining volume. this explains the
      current depressed price and bodes well for the

      here's the

      financials are phenomenal. i think we will see significant
      upward movement by the end of the year (assuming we
      don't have an october crash).

    • I also saw the numbers this morning. What
      concerns me more is the lack of volume on a day where such
      good income, sales, and cash flow numbers come out.
      Has bebe fallen off the radar scope of the
      institutional buyers? Less than 25,000 shares today. Also,
      stock price is near only 20X current EPS. Other
      successful companies are pushing 30X next year's EPS. What

      It would be nice to see a little bit of a pop from
      good numbers like these.

      Has anyone looked at
      the institutional holding percentage lately?

    • I just took a quick glance at the financials for
      June 30.

      Sales - up 38%
      Op Inc - up
      Net Inc - up 61%
      EPS - up 52%

      Over $2.00 a
      share in cash, plus cash accounts for 55% of total
      assets. Inventory accounts for only 21%.

      I realize
      that equity analysis focuses on future earnings, not
      historical, but these figures are very strong.

      got about 50% of my $$ in BEBE right now - otherwise,
      I'd be pumping some more in. If I see $21 - I will.

    • The latest number of shorts is in ""
      in message boards under "bebe".(on the 26th or 27th of Sept.)

    • I added to my positioin today at 24...The hot
      season is starting & the shorts will eventually need to

      Speaking of the shorts...Does anyone know the outstanding
      short shares? bebe referred to the short shares in the
      forward looking statements on the 10K with regard to
      market volatility (DUH) & I just wanted to know the
      latest number out there & then how us longs can get them
      to cover.


    • According to their web site 2 new stores will
      open this week:

      Westfarms Mall,
      grand opening promotion

      Mission Viejo, California
      opening promotion
      September 25th - October 1st

    • I totally agree with you.I live in mexico city and the store is doing very can find girls in mercedes and bmw�s visiting the store.But I do not understand who is driving the stock back.

    • bebe business is just fine. Sept. sales will be great, and as we enter the holiday selling period we can all stand back and watch the stock help us with our holiday celebrations..

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