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  • Jaffer101 Jaffer101 Oct 27, 1999 5:37 PM Flag

    P\E question for you experts

    Can someone explain to me how it is that the
    earnings increased 41% and yet this has had no affect on
    the P\E? How exactly is the denominator calculated, I
    mean over what period of time? The last year, the last
    quarter or what?

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    • bullshitter, and the smart folks don't give a shitski what you write about kid! go home and tell momma! I am getting tired of reading your stupido ass post!

    • <EOM>

    • I understand, I also understand the IBI a,b,c,d,e
      ratings system. any stock that has bounced back as bebe
      did from 19 to 29 and now back to 26 should have a B
      rating, thats how IBI ratings system works even on a
      stock that gets a dead cat bounce they will give it a
      better rating on AC, only weeks later to watch it go
      back down, I'm not saying thats going to happen hear,
      what I'm saying is we have had negative money flow
      since May and all these up and down swings are a
      traders dream, not the MO players or the big boys idea of
      something they want to invewst in!

    • Investor's Business Daily has a "B" accumulate
      /distribution rating for BEBE as 10/29/99. This means it has
      been under accumulation recently. Bebe is a good
      company at a very good price. With all the good news
      lately more interest should be generated in this stock
      leading to further accumulation. I will watch the IBD
      accumulate/distribution rating for a change to "A". Institutional buying
      will help to get it there quickly.


    • What I'm looking at is the money flow chart into
      bebe, and the accumulation chart. Of course we had a
      big up week lately, in the dow and the other avgs.
      maybe that is why bebe is doing well? when I tend to
      put more money in a stock is when the markets are
      heading down, or are treading water, and that stock is
      going up. I got into bebe at 24 and I can't seem to
      know where it is going, good news pops up and then
      back down! so when I say we need positive money flow,
      we need it to get the big boys attention and the
      momentum investors radar working! so they will propel this
      thing like they did before, when this baby went to

    • for the post. Very nice move today for bebe, and the rest of the retail sector.

      BTW, I do not watch Ally (the show), but I will take a peek on Monday to see what your are talking about.

    • ally_mcbeal_for_pres_2000 ally_mcbeal_for_pres_2000 Oct 29, 1999 2:13 PM Flag

      nice post over on ibi bd.! bebe's in the groove
      now. actually, fashionwise too, both bebe and ibi fit
      well. we know calista wears bebe on ALLY, maybe next
      week - judging by the previews - we might know if she
      wears victoria's secret too!!! couldn't tell in the car
      wash scene! will her wet t-shirt be "the new look"
      (for bebe's new lines!?) like she fibbed? bet the
      regular bebe posters here would like that. what an
      upcoming season for both bebe and ALLY. go bebe.

    • turned positive two days ago, even though we are back to over bought conditions due to the great news today.......

    • but if I sell some stuff in the future, I will take a look at ANF. It may be soon as INSP is taking off, I will sell that one when it gets to the 70's.

    • In the spirit of promotion, you might be well
      advised to get some ANF. Blasted recently by some really
      stupid stuff, they will rebound, strong IMHO. It has
      already started and will get some real voltage when
      earnings are announced, Nov. 8 I think.

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