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  • z3m25 z3m25 Nov 18, 1999 10:24 AM Flag

    Hans I bet we won't see you here for a

    very long time after posting that message

    very stupid move



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    • they already crossed in October.


    • just look at the profile here in yahoo. One thing
      that I really don't understand, is the high short
      interest (1.5 million shares), and the very thin

      BEBE has the making of going to $60, and this time the
      company will be forced to split the stock.


    • my guess for the jump would be the general strong
      feeling about retail right now (note GPS jump as well).
      Also Same Store Sales for November will be released on
      12/7 prior to open of market.

      it would be nice
      to be rewarded for due diligence and good
      fundamentals and patience.

    • are you...last week I posted about bebe going
      down perhaps to the $27 or so level. Now that we are
      about to move to higher ground, say the $34 level, I
      could see a move of 10 points or

      Expecting news anyone???


    • look at the 3 month chart for bebe and then click
      the moving averages buttons on the bottom. If you
      study charts of stocks at random you will notice that
      big stock runups come at times when the stock price
      crosses the 50 day moving average(50 dma) and then is
      followed by the 50dma crossing over the 200dma. If bebe
      continues higher this could bring bebe back to its previous

      Nothing is wrong with thier business at this time they
      aree firing on all cylinders.


    • Thanks for the complete post. You are right, I am
      learning TA and Clearstation with its education modules is
      a big help.

      I am trying to get proficient in
      stochastics in concert with MACD and trend lines to assist me
      in timing my buys/sells.

      I think this may be
      a good time to learn as much as I can because I
      think the downside risk is very real in the technology
      sector as we close 1999. I have most of my exposure in
      this area. In fact, two months ago I invested in BEBE
      to diversify and that was my only holding that had a
      gain today.

      Let me know what you think of
      Clearstation. Maybe along the way we can give each other
      insights to speed up the learning process. I have been
      investing since 1994 but mainly buy and hold. I'm not
      becoming a daytrader but I'm taking a more active role in
      the management of my portfolio. I think TA will be
      one of the benchmarks used to effect this.

    • What does the d in dma and the e in ema stand for? I know they refer to moving averages but I've never known specifically.


    • Check out the direction of the 50 dma and the 200 dma. If the break out continues and we get a cross bebe could move back to the 40's or 50's again

    • Sounds as if you and I are at about the same
      point in our learning. I start by screening for
      companies with strong fundamentals. That way, if my timing
      is bad or I don't have time to follow my stocks for
      a while, I can sleep at night -- figure that over
      the long haul, the stock price will reflect the
      company's growth. However, I look at historical charts and
      think: "Yeah, the folks who bought and held tripled
      their money in X years; but look how much more they
      could have made buying on dips and selling near peaks."
      So I've started exploring technical

      I've been looking at Bollinger Band charts for maybe
      three months now, and I'm still trying to decide how
      heavily to weight them in my decisions. The majority of
      times I see a stock price puncture a band slightly, it
      takes 2 to 4 days outside the band before a reversal
      occurs. If the puncture is dramatic, the reversal seems
      to happen more quickly. However, there are
      counterexamples, such as BEBE's runup earlier this

      An even better example occurred with MNMD, another
      stock I own. It was climbing nicely last spring and
      summer, but as the market decline began in mid-July, the
      stock started some major yo-yo-ing. Since there were 3
      dips, each deeper than the last, and the peaks between
      were successively lower, I was concerned the stock was
      in for a major downtrend. I was leaving on vacation
      and knew I could not watch the stock, so I made a
      guess as to where the next peak would occur, set a
      sell-limit order, and left town. When I returned, I found
      the order had activated, giving me a modest profit
      (~21%). Based on Bill O'Neil's rules for determining
      "pivot points" though, my stock sold at the perfect
      buy-point! As I watched the stock climb to 108, my basement
      wall began developing a forehead-shaped dent. (I later
      bought back in around 71.) When I first became aware of
      Bollinger Bands, I was looking for some technical indicator
      that would have predicted MNMD's runup. In fact, had I
      known about B. Bands at the time, I would have sold at
      the same point I actually did. The entire MNMD run
      from 85 to 108 was above the upper band. So the upshot
      of my post is this:

      1) I've only been using
      Bollinger Bands for a few months.
      2) They seem to have
      some merit, but I haven't determined how much.
      I've got a lot still to learn about technical

      Thanks for the referral to ClearStation. I'll check it
      out. So far, I've mainly been using WSRN.

    • for the honest response...none of us are accomplished enough to "know for sure".

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