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  • buffetts_dartman buffetts_dartman Jan 19, 2000 2:27 PM Flag

    ok, you got my attention on ANF...what

    is the reason for the pullback? DId Greg Scott
    resign from ANF too? Serious response sought and I will
    contribute on the buy side. (Against my better judgement
    since I hate retail - BEBE is my only one)

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    • The Doctor posted a link and asked for reactions.
      Since I have two relatives who work for Microsoft, I
      was interested in checking the link. After reading
      the piece, I was convinced the writer is a slimeball
      who tries to manipulate other investors for his own
      advantage. My reply to the Doc's post was made before I read
      subsequent posts indicating he has jumped ship.

      too, am amazed that after all the positive info he
      presented/reviewed regarding BEBE, he departed so quickly. I bet by
      midday Wednesday, he was requiring 2 aspirin every 4
      hours. Maybe he'll call us in the morning.

    • Don't worry or panic. The numbers were
      Smal caps should be next in line and Bebe will get
      plenty of attention.

      UIS went down the other day
      on earnings at first but then rebounded back up.
      Just some people selling on earnings day as part of
      their strategy. Call them weak hands. Get them out of
      the way. Hold strong for much higehr levels. We will
      get there.

    • A little shakeout right now. Remember how small
      the float is. Selling below 25 makes no sense for
      anyone in the know. So its the MM's again scooping up
      the weaker shares. Tech news dominates right now on
      the open but I'm sure we'll see upward momentum. Also
      remember this is not the day or week or month to sell
      anyway. My retails stocks are just sitting there. All my
      techs up. Retail always gets 2nd or 3rd tier attention.
      But Bebe remains a screaming buy. Will listen to the
      CC and remain very excited about this stock.

    • With 0.49 against average estimate of 0.46 we got
      a 6.5% surprise PLUS a nice expansion boost which I
      believe is key to raise interest in the stock.

      far, Bebe has been too conservative in their growing
      plan and I think the Street didn�t like

      The fact that they are opening more stores will do
      more for the stock than 1 or 2 points more in

      Also, remember my comment of yesterday. If you raise
      the expectation to non-realistic numbers, you end up
      being pessimistic when there is no reason to

      2 days ago, the Doctor started doubting if we were
      going to even get 0.46 !!!

      Good Luck to

    • Great earnings for BEBE!! Expansion plans show company committed to continuing growth pace. Let's hope that the public will see this and buy into a retail stock.....retail has been down lately.

    • Call 630-395-0018 and code is "bebe"

      we did it. Beat estimates. And think how few shares
      will be available for sale today, hmm. You guys are
      all holding right? Why sell in mid 20's? We're still
      way down near the bottom. Look at the run Bebe made
      last spring. Why can't it do it again? Interest rates?
      They have no debt. They MAKE interest on their cash. A
      cash machine. 14 quarters in a row. How can this stock
      do anything but go up?

    • anyone has details please?

    • Looks like we did it, bro. I'm sure we made at
      least some difference. And a lot of money. And a lot
      more to come hopefully. Hard to find such a great
      trade so let's make the most of it, and with Anf too, a
      double-banger maybe. Looks like it to me.

    • Those 30 new stores in areas where there is high
      demand for Bebe (including a big one in Miami South
      Beach) ought to give it fuel for continued steady
      growth. And they haven't even touched Europe, Latin
      America or Asia yet. They're branched into shoes but I
      think lingerie would also be a big area for them.

      (Now if I could just cast the models for the ads).
      Seriously though, why not a Bebe calendar/catalogue a la
      Victoria Secret? In other words, plenty of growth ops
      there, plenty.

      Why did this stock ever sell off?
      forget Greg Scott, just an excuse for the manipulators.
      And remember what a tiny float there is. Shares are
      scarce right now. ching-a-ching. Hang onto yours.

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