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  • nealuria nealuria Jan 20, 2000 10:21 AM Flag

    Buying on rumor, selling on news, so...

    traders are taking profits. We'll go back up
    after they're done. The long-term potential of this
    company is much greater than profits at 25 a share, but
    it's only natural to want to take profits when you're
    up. If you believe in the company, there's nothing to
    worry about!

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    • Price fell from 23 to 21 on little volume (about
      30,000 shares), then moved back up as day's volume
      DOUBLED (about 250,000 shares). Check the 1-day chart.

      I don't usually believe the "weak hands" talk, but
      I think a few small, scared investors did bring
      this down as the CC got under way, then cooler heads
      took over.


    • yet they have already shaken this mother out
      almost 7 pts. after his departure and again since
      then...shake out upon shake out..

      this shakeout is
      different cause did NOT fill the gap of the 7 pts down just
      due to his departure so thus you can not really make
      a true comparison!

    • No, I'm not psychic. I just had a bad
      when the stock was opening at yesterday's close when
      the overall market was up. Given that BEBE had its
      first big up day yesterday gaining a quick ~3 points, I
      thought the stock would be
      vulnerable to profit

      I had wanted to dump 1/3 before earnings,
      didn't know earnings were this morning. I had
      a 30%
      gain from 19 1/4 going into earnings,
      and wanted to
      lock some of it in.

      I didn't think that it
      would fall to 21, though. I bought alot back at 21 1/8
      and 21 3/16.


    • I just don't get why people are selling at these
      prices. Everything I heard was positive with the
      exception of the performance of that 1 BBSP store, which is
      a test anyway.

      This makes no sense to me.

    • for a long time...the volatility did not make
      much sense to me...but this, after an excellent
      earnings report and a positive cc, makes no sense at all.
      My feeling is that we are going lower...maybe much
      lower. It appears to be time to abandon ship.

    • They always do this: Shake out the weak hands, then take it up. I can't tell you how many times I've seen this.

    • It's ture that gregg's departure is a great loss
      and might derail growth. But it was priced in a few
      weeks ago when it drops big from 26 to 21. I think it's
      good that we see a drop today that also mean that this
      time most of the seller on gregg's departure have sold
      already. Also considering the retail sector have been
      beatup so much that it's fair to see BEBE at these
      prices. ANF drop from 30 to 20 and a new 52 week low
      today. AEOS drop to 34 from 40s. But I think if people
      are pricing in all the negative thinking, it would be
      a opportunity to buy here.

      Stay Long and
      Stay Strong

    • quarter is not going to be doing as

      inventories, gross margin, sss, etc.?

      Spririts, you
      will be a buyer no matter what, however this initial
      action this morning did not bother you, however it was
      said that this afternoon and after the call things
      will go back up, well thus far WRONG.

      addition, we should have not gone down prior to call and
      after call, since we did not even fill the gap from
      Gregg's departure.

      The gap has to and should have
      been filled. This is IMHO more than weak hands and
      manipulation, clearly people want out, shorts gaining today.

    • I was gonna dump some of my shares this morning. but didn't get up until it was 23 1/2. Just bought more though...

      Good luck long

    • about new store performance. They're trying to
      make it sound like the new stores are not doing as
      well this month as last month, but BEBE says the
      numbers they are comparing are for different stores. Not
      the "same" new stores being compared from month to

      That may be what's driving it down. I wish Blair would
      re state because I don't think the analysts
      understood it.

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