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  • bebemoney bebemoney Jan 27, 2000 7:35 PM Flag

    Margin deterioration ????

    Its funny how people can spin data to fit their
    own agenda, IT IS TRUE that Q2-00 margins were
    slightly lower than Q2-99:

    Q2-00 Q2-99
    Profit: 52.75% 54.2 %
    Income from ops.: 25.5 % 26.8
    Net Earnings: 16.0 % 16.2 %

    BUT, look at the
    big picture, the REAL TREND for Bebe:

    P. Income from ops
    FY-97 43.2 % 8.9 %
    51.1 % 19.5 %
    FY-99 52.6 % 22.3 %

    Q1-99 52.3 % 20.5 %
    Q1-00 52.5 % 21.0 %


    If you are a trader,
    all this info is worthless but if you bought the
    stock as an investor, there is not much to be worried

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    • Presently I am not following either of those companies. I have enough on my plate.

      Obviously, one needs to watch the general market this week....

    • In looking back shall one wish, one would see
      that my initial approach was not hostile. Sometimes
      people may think "anyone" who is speaking in contrast to
      the majority or to ones liking, may be going short.
      Such is human nature. At least I said I was not

      I had thought that by expressing my involvement in
      the industry would give more credence and support to
      some of my statements.

      I doubt the majority of
      "the board" here is in the Apparel Industry.

    • No need to be hostile, I just couldn't figure out
      if you were long ot short. Having read past posts,
      it looks as though I'm not alone. If you're looking
      for so many reasons for sloppy performance, why not
      short it "in the box" You might profit both ways. Spare
      me with the lecture, I've been investing since '73.
      As for the rag business, what makes you think you're
      the only one on this board who's familiar with it?
      You have no idea who posts here.

    • Listen, you ignorant being. First, YOU read the
      news or LISTEN to the CC and you will learn the amount
      of stores being open.

      I reiterate that I am
      in the business because believe me, I know all the
      ramifications that you are clueless about. That does not mean I
      am short, fool. I bought this stock knowing the
      risks. I just laugh at times reading some of these
      idiotic posts who are clueless, yet hopeful. Reading the
      financial is not enough when it comes to owning a stock in
      the rag business. But, you think your sharp. Ever
      hear of rags to riches? Well, it often goes vice
      versa, QUICKLY.

      If you do not like my "devils
      advocate" approach nor more realistic thoughts while you
      dream then shove it.

    • For providing the truth for the board. When
      retailers expand margins generally get hurt but the larger
      top line growth still let's you generate larger
      profits in dollars - albeit at a lower margin. That is
      one of the simplest concepts on earth yet many folks
      have run from this stock. Since BEBE has the largest
      net margin of any retailer I've ever seen, I'll let a
      little margin slip away (please someone show me a better
      one so I can buy it).

      The funny thing is that
      the BEBE folks are doing this on PURPOSE - they want
      to grow their business and they don't care if their
      margins slip because they know how it works. Some of the
      negative comments I've heard seem to imply that BEBE is in
      trouble and is scratching to survive. Nothing could be
      further from the truth.

      I do, however, have one
      small worry. Expansion has taken many retailers down to
      their knees. I always felt BEBE's very conservative
      expansion plan was a huge strength. Some have suffered by
      opening too many locations and others have suffered by
      trying too many product lines.

      BEBE seems to have
      done well with the shoes. Let's hope they can do the
      same with this more aggressive store opening program.

    • The turnaround in retail coming sooner, rather than later!

      Good Luck!

    • retail are indeed out of favor, but I believe
      that they will be in favor MUCh MUCH
      march, april......this month, and this qtr. are going to
      be difficult, but the day those two things are over
      it will be like the light was switched on.

      a side note......I actually had 4 out of 8 stocks
      in portfolio go up today!!!!
      so as you can
      imagine.....I'm smiling :)


      z out

    • Hold on! You and I are singing from the same Hyme
      book. I totally agree with you. I think the financials
      look outstanding. I also think that the CFO is very
      capable, and is more key to the company's success than
      Greg. I was just pointing out that I don't agree with
      topoftam as to the reason the stock isn't moving. They are
      victim to a sector that is currently out of favor. IMHO
      I have been, and will remain long, I just think the
      stock will be stuck in a trading range until retail is
      in vogue again. Which may take a number of
      again..just my opinion.

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