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  • senor_de_la_vega senor_de_la_vega Feb 15, 2000 4:01 PM Flag

    closed at 14.75 - nice day for

    a change.

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    • 1)I have posted plenty of facts, your memory just
      does not serve you right. My last several posts were
      to American Spirits questioning his his daily
      projections- none of which come to fruition. I always question
      his resorting to the past history of BEBE to support
      his theory that we will go back to 40 and 50. I
      question the lack of facts he uses to support his
      predicitions. I would not call these my typical factual posts
      for these were just my observations to anothers
      postser and NOT to you.

      Go do an analysis of
      other posters and you "should" be surprised to see how
      many posts are merely updates of price/volume, going
      up, going down, retail is beaten down, vague and
      redundant things. So, get off your high horse.

      may not have mentioned AS2 in your post to "the
      village idiot", however it is obvious that is what
      TRIGGERED your "blowing hot air" at me, for my previous
      posts were specifically "to A.S."..

      Thus is why
      Matt wisely mentioned A.S. in his response to you.
      Your only kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

      3)My statements regarding the risk factors associated
      with BEBE: I know exactly the legal ramifications
      involved in including these risk factors. I was merely
      stating that I could not recall having seen them in
      MONTHLY reports for other companies. I was referring to
      MONTHLY reports, not QUARTERLY. I also asserted that they
      were so in depth that they could scare away some
      investors. For companies that do not issue monthly
      statements, investors may not notice those risks for 90 days

      You did make an issue with me earlier, yet I do
      understand how you NOW do not want to make a "big thing"
      over it.

      5) You stated that "all you see is
      name calling and innane remarks" and then you call me
      "the village idiot" at the start of your childish
      post. Quite a contradiction..

      Now that I am
      finished responding to your post, I am extremely happy to
      say that i like the fact that you stated that you
      shall ignore my posts.

      Lets see if your a man
      who can stick to your word.

    • wrong...but BEBE will move higher

      here is the overall we leave Feb we will
      begin to think "Spring" this will shift market
      Spring /Summer...home fix-up...HomeDepot makes
      out...retailers make out...

      hence I suspect that retail
      will begin to move back into favor...these are the
      darkest days but the candlestick pattern for BEBE points
      upward tomorrow

    • Andrew Glassman reported on BEBE on CNBC tonight.
      Teen apparel retailers out of fashion because teen
      girls are looking for more feminine clothes and on
      interest rate fears.

    • Pay no attention to vito_scalparesi saying buy at
      10 (obvious short). CNBC exposure is very good for
      BEBE, we on the rise again! we close tomorrow at 16.
      guaranteed. I've always said all BEBE stock needs is more
      exposure...this will provide big help to depressed stock price.


    • at 6:20pm as part of a segment about fashion
      retailers. The main point was that these stocks have been
      beaten to a pulp.

      An analyst from First Union
      said that these prices provide a compelling entry

      On the other hand, it also mentioned that other
      analysts think the pain may not be over due to consumer
      concerns generated by a higher interest rate

      Who is right is the $1 million question. Any final

    • in a spot about beaten down apparel stocks.
      Showed BEBE down 73% from it's high.

      They said to
      buy now.

      I say buy at 10!

      Buy at 10 and
      you WILL be rewarded.
      The bottom is CLOSE!

    • Stk, sorry about my AS2 ramblings. I accidentally
      lumped Olegik's and your messages to Topoftam together.
      If there are many more true longs (2-3 year types)
      then they do not seem to post. Not saying they do not
      follow the board loosely but they must be lurkers.
      Thanks for the reply. Take care,


    • You are certainly free to disagree with my
      statement about many people here being long term investors,
      but I think you under estimate the number. (but
      possibly I'm overestimating)

      "As for topoftams
      contrarian views his comments are no more or less factually
      sustained than many of the positive views"

      Matt, but I don't see topoftam posting any facts....all
      I see is name calling, and whining about the stock
      price through innane remarks.

      I did not say that
      I believe the majority would like him to
      leave.....I said I, and I'm sure others would.....

      for all your discussion of AS2, I did not mention him
      in my post. My remarks were about the content of
      topoftams posts. Especially his remarks about the 10Q.
      Clearly he has never read one, nor does he understand
      their purpose.

      I don't want to get into a big
      thing over this. In the future I shall ignore his

    • Good post. Civil discussion of facts and opinions is what I look for on these boards. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

      RDF 87

    • I have to respectfully disagree with you on one
      particular point stkstreet. Most posters on this board are
      NOT concerned about where the stock will be in
      several years. The vast majority of "predictions" talk
      about where this stock will be in a week, in a month or
      by the end of spring. All due, IMHO, to the past
      rapid price spikes that SO many people were expecting
      this time after earnings. Even AS2 was trying to have
      all longs make a "pact" not to sell until the 40's to
      combat the "short conspiracy", and that the 40s would
      happen in a few weeks, but oh by the way, after earnings
      he made a statement to the effect that he might sell
      in the low 30's which he should see in less than a
      month. Certainly not a long term view and he is without
      a doubt, the biggest cheerleader on this board. As
      for Topoftam's contrarian views, his comments are no
      more or no less factually substantiated then many of
      the positive views. As for AS2, his posts are
      annoying to me personally because he does sound like a
      broken record - however, to employ an aphorism, even a
      broken clock is right twice a day. Someday AS2 will be
      right I would think. Everyone has a right to post their
      opinions here and hopefully in a respectful manner. What
      bothers me about AS2 is that his posts sound more like a
      cry for validation than a statement made with any
      conviction - hoping that people will agree with him. Every
      long wants to make money on this stock, but as I have
      said before, if your viewpoint cannot stand a little
      scrutiny, then you should not be posting. Despite all that
      has happened to the stock price and prevailing
      sentiment, what has really changed about the company in 3
      weeks? Three weeks ago, prognosticators were saying we'd
      be at 30, 40, 50 dollars a share right now. Whether
      Topoftam is or is not stock market savvy is irrelevant to
      the point I think he is trying to make (and not
      trying to speak for him - just what I get out of his
      posts). He seems to be saying to be realistic and
      BALANCED if you are going to make predictions in your
      posts. I am hoping that you would agree that many of the
      posts here do not present a balanced view, in fact
      every post that points to what it did last year as a
      good reason to repeat it this year are not balanced
      simply because they do not take into account current
      market sentiment. I have enjoyed the regulars on this
      board and would like to see things remain civil even in
      these hard times. None of use here is to blame for the
      mess Bebe's stock has become. We have all been in this
      together (for those longs that have held). I do not mean
      to bash AS2. His posts are statements of fact about
      the historical valuations in this sector. However,
      his presentation is not balanced because it does not
      take into account what the market currently feels this
      sector is worth in terms of valuations. Please let me
      know your thoughts.

      Take care,

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