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  • peppyscheer peppyscheer Mar 21, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    This abused and ignored board now seems to be ignoring Quintel.

    Funny how Yahoo will pull down an obscenity laden post in minutes but let a nut like like Hall destroy a good board. There used to be a lot of good posters for IEC but almost all of them have been driven away.
    Especially disappointing since IEC is has such an interesting new customer with Quintel. It would be nice to have some posters with more insight into their business sharing it with us on this board. It seems their potential is almost limitless. It would be a bonus if someone with cellular antenna experience could enlighten us as to how much of a break through their new antenna could be. It would seem to be a huge market if the antenna is really a significant improvement. Barry must think so if he feels they could do as much as $10 million in business their first 9 months. What are the possibilities for 2014? There has been almost zero press on this.

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    • MAYbe BEcause YOU, peepo da CLOWN, have been WRONG about the ONLY stock you OWN or will EVER own, for YEARS NOW! You are a GREEDY, INCOMPETENT, INCONTINENT, LIMPING, LYING LOSER who's karma is BLACKER than ink @ MIDnight. CONgratulations on dragging the kIdZcLuB, or ANYone else that listened to you, into the DEATH valley of the INVESTMENT world

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 1 Reply to m.hallmark290
      • Right SkiDmArK, Pep is up many 100's of % on IEC and you lost your rear shorting at the low multiple times (same story with your Facebook short, etc.). You know very well the end game is you end up with what you have now, i.e. nOtHiNg, and Pep ultimately cashes in on an IEC fortune. At least your mom will probably still let you live with her! YOU'RE THE ONLY LOSER HERE! The rest of us are ADULTS just trying to make a buck and take care of our families!.....get it?

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