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  • sheamanski sheamanski Apr 19, 2005 10:32 PM Flag

    Hey Fatass

    hey...does that come in 9mm.? Been waiting for someone to come out with a smaller 1911 frame...hand too small...

    I can use my Dads 1911 Remington Rand but that was made in the 40s for a smaller hand..

    wow...I could be buying that one! Thanks for the heads up.

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    • They dont make it in a 9mm yet, & they already make the regular size 1911 in 9mm, so I dont know if they will (but they probably should)

      If you want a 9mm for a smaller hand get a SIG 239, I have one, I tried to make it jam when i first got it & I couldnt, I'm a big guy I have carried it in a fly holster before, its that small (but then I usually carry a .32 Walther PP in a fly hoster & most people would think thats too big for a fly holster)

      But anyway the Sig 239 is an excellent small 9mm, my only complaint is no real safety

      my only caution is, theres not a lot of weight there, it kicks if you use high power loads

      I used to play baseball, I hurt my right wrist pretty bad once, if I use the Hirtenberger +P+ loads in the Sig that I usually carry in my P38 or USP I have to use both hands or I shoot to the right a little, it kicks that hard due to the light weight & I cant hold it without both hands