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  • sheamanski sheamanski May 13, 2006 11:17 PM Flag

    12 million Is A Lie-It will be 36 !

    Spent the day in my park in San Jose Ca. Its amazing. The hordes are here to stay. Theres not 11 million here..theres easy 25 mil and as soon as they get citizenship..bamm..we have 50 mil...on the dole.

    The dream is dying.

    Weve lost the country.

    Start buying guns and silver.

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    • Maybe we should just start using the guns?
      You are absolutely correct. IF they get citizenship they can bring in extended family and relatives. We would get that fifty.
      The pols all think of these guys as votes for them-both sides. They forget about the 100 million of us who can vote now.
      We may have lost California. I don't know about you but I'm not willing to die for the rest of the country, but I am willing to KILL to keep the rest of the country.
      Who do these fools think is going to pay the welfare and taxes when we're a banana republic? When the money runs out is when the killing starts. They will kill to steal what we have left and we will kill them to drive them out.
      As far as guns, make sure what you have now is in shape. Make sure you have thousands of rounds of each caliber, you won't be able to get it if things go bad. Make sure you have dozens of magazines.
      I have been putting new optics on all my rifles and sighting them in at the range. I want to be able to go to war with anything I have to grab in an emergency.
      I've got all of Chicagoland 100 miles away. It will head this way in a hurry if things get rough. Just remember you will have to fight with what you have without warning if the multi culti gloabalists'amnesty with citizenship starts to unwind.
      They'll be behind their "gated community" walls when it hits so they won't care about us. BUT, they will try to take over again the minute it's over. I say give 'em lead when they show their asses.