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  • josephnapolitano1980 josephnapolitano1980 May 16, 2006 12:24 AM Flag

    Hitting 40+ Tomorrow


    It closed above the 50 DMA and it looks like it could hit 40.20 tomorrow. That of course is if the Nas cooperates.

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    • H20, I've got alot of stories just like that. There are unions in Loisiana is offering jw's 25 an hour with a garunteed 7-10 hour days with normal time and a half and doubletime pay. Money isn't an issue to commercial owners anymore, they just want it now and will pay to get it (as it is often 20X cheaper to pay the expense to expedite and open the business 1-2 months earlier).

      INVEST IN THE MARKET YOU KNOW. That is why I am here. I'm sure everyone here has lost money in an oil field in so and so or a new drug that might.... IMO Encore is the industry standard for #8-750 MCM THHN. That is why I am here to stay

    • this is what i've been trying to tell people for 6 months. the commerical and industrial construction boom is just beginning. i understand your problem with workforce, no one wants to work with their hands anymore. With the all the work in aerospace coming up, job skills like machinist are very hard to find, they're getting $3000 bonus and making 75K-80K, not a bad deal

    • 4 things.

      Housing has little impact on sales of encore's main horse

      Yes copper prices have gone up, but the cost of installable wire has also doubled to trippled in the last 6 months

      I don't have enough skilled employees to run all of the work opportunities I have comming up. I have to turn down work based on volume.

      Wire sales lag construction contracts by atleast 8 months. The "skin" of the building has to be up before wire is pulled. Drive around town and look for any exposed steel... that is another wire order in the making.

    • well at least your someone with conviction, which is fine by me. If these are your thoughts, you should look at the railways as a investment. I have on occassion purchased them especially the Canadian rails. Truck traffic won't slow but i know that large companies look at the rails as a way to save on transportation cost. The postal service must think fuel will become more costly i think that's one reason for a 3 cent increase. O.T. it just upsets me to no end that postal carriers can make 60k for walking around and sticking a letter through a door when we can't pay teachers more, and you wonder why 1/2 of the teachers quit in the 1 st 5 years.

      Something to read:

    • Tell Mr anencephalic that wire does not mine or own any copper. It must buy copper at higher and higher prices and then try to pass them on to its customers, if the economy i,e, housing and building, weakens as it has begun too it will not be able too pass through these higher costs. The best business days for this cycle are behind WIRE.

      Neg cash flow
      Increasing debt
      Weakening economy
      Stock price near all time highs
      Set up for falling stock price.


    • You're missing the point. People are probably going to drive less this summer.

      Let me paraphrase your argument: "With household finances stretched to the max, who's going to pay the prices for GAS, especially when you do the math and find out prices have doubled in the past year."

      Hybrid technology, whatever. I'm not pointing a finger and saying "thar's the answer matey..." I'm saying that consumers are motivated. They WANT OPTIONS. That's why they are forking over their hard-earned bucks for stupid hybrids! It's an indicator.

      As for China, well, they are in full-swing already. Whatever they do between now and the end of July isn't likely to result in a huge increase in oil consumption. From what I've heard, China is becoming desperate to find alternatives as well. I doubt if they will, but still see them as a constant.

      IMHO, nothing you wrote contradicts what I said. I appreciate your enthusiasm, and you obviously have strong opinions, but again, I'm predicting a drop in gas at the pump to the $2.25 level around the end of July. It'll last about a month, then gas will be up and down again, and prolly level out around $2.75 as alternatives come on line.

      WAG though it may be, it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

    • i quess numnuts must have replied to my message this morning. It's so nice having him on ignore. He doesn't understand the last bull market in commodities lasted 17 years, he must really believe it's over.

    • This companies earnings are engineered. They are an illusion. Any company can create earning by raising debt. The comapany has NEGATIVE CASH FLOW. EVENTUALY this companies balance sheet will be reflected in the price stock of the stock like it did in 2002 when I made a bundle on the short side.

      I will keep it simple:
      INCREASING Neg cash flow (with)
      INCREASING Pos earnings is EVENTUALLY a recipe for a falling stock price. IT ALWAYS IS!!!
      This companies revenues will be going lower as the economy slows, that is what the stock market collapse is telling us about the future. I know you don't believe me, I don't care. If you buy more and hold it for a few months I am positive you will lose money.


    • Geez. A price drop to the 20s would put the P/E at about 8 and the FWD P/E at about 7. I shudder to think what the PEG would wind up as. And here I thought this stock was already selling cheap before the last several days. Is it your belief that the valuation of this company will be cut nearly in half? Im sure glad I have you to keep me enlightened. If this selloff ever ends you best just cover your position and go on you merry way. WIRE is cheap cheap CHEAP. I wish I could buy more.

    • No shit. Nothing like stating the obvious.Like I have said in the past, we are headed for a bear market. IBD in the BIG PICTURE section will be telling investors to start raising cash and for aggressive investors to pick the right the stocks to short. This stock will collapse on itself. It may take some time but it will, see you all in the 20's



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