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  • mistral_moshue mistral_moshue Aug 24, 2005 11:34 PM Flag

    should sell now

    I have tonight phone conversed with friend who works at cytec fortier plant in southern lousiana. Information was not best. site is having problems of large mangitude. utilities problem of plant refrigaraton machine have caused units inside site to secure external cooling units from others with elevated cost. sulfuriuc acid unit soon to face unexpected downage from failed catalystic grid support system, soon after just done emergencey downage 30+ days in sulfuriuc acid for equipment failures; first downage was excessive in amount of $2milion over expected cost. small amineo unit is down now for severee plugging, cleanout expected to be very high in cost. melemine unit also have problem with quality. accidentals continuee to occur at alrming rate. acrylio productions is been extend beyond normal with equipment problems seeming unavoidably. undersand equipment is plujgging quick with polimarize material. raw materals cost very unstably for this plant. safaety attitude is very bad and operators sleep on job. maybe sell while price is still decnent

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    • In addition:

      Fortier is losing its contract for Amino anyhow next year, everybody already knows this.. The buyer is going to make it overseas it seems, so Amino has no impact.. Melamine is actually doing pretty good right now.. Acrylo is lasting longer than it ever has before a shutdown since the 1994 expansion, which is GOOD news, NOT BAD.. Cytec's AN plant runs longer right now than any other AN plant in N.America between shutdowns..!!! Making more AN & HCN than ever.. MMA unit is expanding because of AN's ability to provide more HCN.. Whats bad about that..?? Utilities has some old equipment that has needed maintainence for a while and nows the time I guess.. Acid has some minor problems, but will solve them with aplumb.. Safety is actually better than its ever been, I don't know WHO told you different..

      As far as the rest, you obviously have NEVER worked at a 24 hr around the clock operation before have you..LOL..!!!!

      One important thing you did miss though is that upper management is CLUELESS..!!! That doesn't equate into a sell for the stock though.. I mean upper management at corporate and Fortier..!!! LOL..!!!

      Maybe you should talk to others and get the REAL picture before stating wrong facts..

    • Can you spell correctly..??