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  • joedelgadoiglesia joedelgadoiglesia Aug 26, 2014 11:20 PM Flag

    Cytec LOCKed-OUT their employees......SHAME....

    Greenville has about 200 employees that are now locked out of their jobs.....since Sunday afternoon. It's been 2 days since then, and no new news have come about. Come on now. Pay your employees their hard earned pension. Stop trying to screw the very people who made you successful. Are you trying to close the Greenville plant down? OF COURSE NOT. You, Cytec management, are just trying to screw your own employees as much as you can. To all Cytec employees in Greenville: Keep fighting. They need you. It's up to YOU how good a contract you're going to get for the next few years. THEY NEED YOU to run the machineries. It might be 6 months until you'd get an ideal contract with great pay, benefits, and PENSION. If you could hold out, they will fold, and you will get your way.