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  • no1matemary no1matemary Mar 8, 2007 10:55 AM Flag

    Scam - Buyers need to be aware

    Thank you for taking such good care of all of us long on XCO. We appreciate your fatherly advice and I am sure we will all take it. NOT!!! JUST BOUGHT ANOTHER 1000 SHARES.

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    • There is no growth here except from buying stuff, so any company could grow 60% if they kept buying stuff...but you have to pay for that by issuing more stock and real question is when it's all done, did you create value above what you paid for it? Plus, if you're valuing oil & gas companies based on PE...good luck to you...that's hilarious.

    • Its not advice, its wisdom, tell us all why you bought another 1000 shares, and If I buy your reasoning, I'll buy another 2000 myself. It's not as if I don't own xco so don't get your panties in a bind. I am simply agreeing with tbird that on the surface, it doesn't look as good as WMB, ETE, WPZ all energy related, all moving forward with good apparent prospects for the future.

      Whats your reasoning??? Not critizing you, just curious.

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      • Net income growth of 60% +, PE less than 20 in a company that is this young in a field that is only going to become more important to the ever expanding needs of our country, is a no brainer to me. Admittedly, I started buying into this stock around $15 and this purchase raised my overall cost to around $16. I believe with this type of performance this quarter, we will see $20. by 3rd quarter.

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