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  • cedarvalleycapital cedarvalleycapital Feb 28, 2012 7:41 PM Flag

    CEO sells 1.2M shares at $7.85

    I see some here saying it was a 'margin call', but can find no proof of this.

    I can't really justify buying when the CEO sells about 65% of his stake near 5 year lows.

    Any evidence of this really being a margin call?

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    • Wondering about TVIX, can you elaborate, don't have any experience in that play.

    • I don't really care if it's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that bomb Iranian nuclear facilities in the middle of the night ... all I know is that when (not if) it happens, oil and natural gas will not be at this level and the Vix will not be at 17 ... and, it all starts to build next week as the meetings and rhetoric begin ... glta

    • The chances of Obama attacking Iran is about .000001%. It is against his DNA. The chances of him attacking anyone this year is zero. It's an election year. Now Israel is an entirely different story. The best chance for NG price increases is reduced drilling for NG. That is happening big time and something you can track by numbers of active rigs being reduced.

    • The Vix does not belong at the lollipop and rainbow level of 17.96 ... consider buying TVIX today

    • I can assure you that I truly value your posts. You seem like a very genuine, knowledgeable investor with solid input. And, I am sure that from "where you sit" you have great insight into the sector. However, there is definately a potential catylst in natural gas pricing on the horizon (a stike on Iran). In the meantime, they are just not going to give natural gas away ... we are at or very, very near the historic bottom for natural gas ... production will be cut ... assets will be moved towards oil production ... inventories will fall ... prices will stabilize ... in the end, these lower prices will assist legislation get passed that benefits the sector ... in the meantime, I would like to offer you the chart representing natural gas pricing as the U.S.A. invaded Iraq in March 2003 ... it is the closest comparison to what we may expect following a U.S. led/participated/supported strike against an Iranian nuclear facility ... btw, I have no problem if we do see $5 before $15 ... I'll be adding along the way ... glta

    • I assure you, from where I sit, it wasn't the bottom.

      $5 before $15.

    • Yeah, that's the right price ... but, it is afterhours so it does not mean much ... timing of the bottom all depends upon the numbers released on 1 March ...

      Besides being the macro events of the world will be a catylst for XCO and other natural gas plays, I also thik the ongoing natural gas production cuts and/or shifting of resources to oil will cause inventory levels to be better than many expect ...

      If it was already posted, I apologize ... but, here is a great article to read for anyone interested

      "Game changer
      In our view, the energy sector is growing more quickly than the overall economy in numerous areas around the globe due to supportive long-term demand fundamentals from the emerging markets and emerging global supply sources. In the U.S., the use of new drilling technologies for onshore natural gas and oil production is a potential “game changer” for U.S. energy security and an improved economy.

      Investors may be able to capitalize on these U.S. trends by looking to specific energy companies with abundant assets in areas with strong production and new development, which we believe are most likely to benefit from the growth in this sector."

    • Yep, my volume comment was in error. I hope the limb i'm out on doesn't snap. Even if it does it's the lowest one on the tree from all the shorts hanging on it, and won't be too painfull.

      Am I looking at the correct A/H price of $6.90? If so, I'm 95% sure today was the bottom. Please confirm.

    • It traded below 5.9 million shares yesterday, 2 days last week, and then Feb 8.

      Prior to Feb, volume was almost always lower than 5.9 million shares a day.

    • Oops! lol! I just got back and saw my feed was disconed when I left earlier. 5.9 mill.

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