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  • jamesboy1000 jamesboy1000 Sep 20, 2012 9:19 AM Flag

    Bonds at 7.91%

    Ben B---can you do something to help the equity price.
    Like lean on congress to pass nat gas act.

    We need more than cheap money

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    • Ben won't need to lean on anyone , the polar ice caps are at 50% what they were 20 years ago , Washington will be the buffoons of the century if they do not massively put NG to work NOW , and I mean NOW ....... PS - I have written those words 500 times in the past 6 years from yahoo to seeking alpha to marketwatch to direct emails to politicians ..... Just an example of how STUPID our leaders are ...... A poor dumb middle class high school grad blue collar #$%$ like me , has more effing insight than Washington , and is 6 years ahead of the curve compared to them ( I am not the only one of course , many people have posted NG posts for years and years ) I have read tons of posts from all over America from "Average Joes" that are brilliant ideas compared to those douchebags in Washington ..... I don't know about anyone else , but Politicians make me wanna effing puke they are so stupid .......

    • some got lifted there but still abt 8.5 mid...bonds trade well, common trades like a soggy diaper....maybe no tggt and we get the preferred instead.....bummer

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