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  • market_sucks market_sucks Jan 9, 2014 12:08 PM Flag

    where the f*** is new CEO?

    I don't think XCO can afford to hire new qualified CEO.

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    • At least three scenarios:

      1. Going private - they don't need a CEO because they go private soon (weeks, not months).

      2. Staying public, really looking for a CEO - they really did get caught with their pants down when Miller resigned, and they really are doing a search for a new CEO. That could take months. Wouldn't there be some word out on the street within the industry though? I am not an E&P insider, but there seem to be a few around here - is there any evidence that they're out doing a search? Rumors about who might be considered, etc?

      3. Staying public, and have a handpicked guy waiting in the wings - they pushed Miller out, have a succession plan in place, and are waiting for something else (what, I have no idea) before announcing the new CEO.

      If this is still a public company at the end of Feb, I'd be surprised if it doesn't have a CEO by then. There is also that March analyst meeting to think about (if that is even still going to happen) - if they are still staying public, they would want the new CEO in place then to meet the Analysts, etc. When would we expect a specific date to be set for that meeting (how much runway do they give people to arrange travel, etc)? No later than the end of Feb?

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