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  • neiljneil neiljneil Jun 4, 2014 7:28 PM Flag

    The outer limits...

    I date myself but who remembers the episode when the Martians played with the lights in a small town. Everyone thought it was their neighbor who was a Martian and the townsfolk killed each other off without the Martians having to do anything but continue to play with the lights. This stock is owned 89% by institutions. I repeat 89% owned by institutions. They can play with this stock at will and get the retail investors to panic quite easily. Not me. If the stock goes under $5 I will do what I can to buy more as I also did today. I don't get scared. I join the pack and wait.

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    • riggghhht Neil - u bot more today and you will buy more if it goes lower like you've done every down day in the last 6 months. You must have some war chest buddy...

      and btw, its not the outer limits numb-nuts

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      • quanton - It could have been the twilight zone.. We are talking about a long time ago. I do have a large war chest. Interestingly I have more money in UPL though I have more shares of XCO. My UPL and SD profits more than offset my current deficiency in XCO. In the long run I believe that XCO has even more potential than SD and I believe SD will prove itself very shortly. XCO may take more time and may not, but the reward will be worth waiting for. For all your rantings you have yet to give valid reasons why you think XCO is a poor investment. At least I can talk intelligently about the company. You have difficulty talking intelligently. Usually I keep you on ignore because you are what I call a "dumb short" if indeed you are even short. CK is smarter than you so I don't put him on ignore.

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