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  • jjohanson500 jjohanson500 Jan 24, 2005 4:58 PM Flag

    AMRI for sell

    TO: chemmavin, maxborder20002, amrithebest (assuming AMRI employers at this board)

    Just a reminder, this board is not AMRI web page. Your web AMRI stuff can use for own business. This board everybody can and will use to discuss the stock and related issues.

    It is clear that miserable management wants to control value of the stock by cancellation of our discussions at this board. They want only one type of messages at this board - their own opinion. It is very silly and once again very unprofessional.

    Lady and Gentlemen, you do not have to be angry on true. This stock is going down. And this is only AMRI managers fault.

    In 2004 AMRI lost several millions to selling facilities near Chicago (what a deal!) and in few mounts get paid for new facilities in Singapore. To get new facilities to be a profitable it may takes several years (who will guaranteed?). So, you lost and will lose many-many $$$ here.
    In same year, AMRI transferred numerous employers from Chicago to Albany and paid for their relocation. Now they are getting lay-off and at the same time company start hiring new stuff, paying for interview, relocation, etc. So, lost and will lose many $$$ here.

    Sorry, I was wrong about poor and uncompleted postgraduate education in managers � I had to say about poor primary school education � they cannot do simple mathematic calculation. They lost investors $$$, and rhey will do it in future because they do not not how and what to do. They probably got promotion and/or big bonus for "good job well done" in 2004!
    Additionally, somebody is obviously having tendency to lie to their investors.

    BTW: I do use my real name at this board. Can you?

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