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  • notforsure notforsure May 2, 2005 7:05 AM Flag

    When are you folks

    going to learn that AMRI is NOT a biopharmaceutical company? Stop comparing it to one.


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    • AMRI is much more than just a Biotechnology company and will set the new Gold Standard. It acquired Enzymed a drug discovery company in 2000. This complements their many divisions which now includes a world class GMP manufacturing division. Don�t forget the 9 (NINE) phase 3 drugs they have in development. Please, would BMS have accepted warrants for their ADHD drug if they thought the exercise price was too high (AMRI initially issued 53,053 warrants for the purchase of AMRI common stock to BMS in early 2002 as part of the signing of the agreement. The exercise prices of the initial 53,053 warrants range from $40 to $45 per share)!!!!!!!

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      • I am inclined to believe that AMRI is already in the process of pre-testing their neuro compounds on their employees, it is the only way to explain how AMRITHEBEST can be that DELIRIOUS: how one week he admits that they have no compounds in phase 3, just producing them as part of a contract, then the following week, when his old dementia reappears, claims once again (don't you get tired ?) that they have 9 (NINE) of them..given the long term memory side effects of what he is taking, I do not foresee any bright future for this drug!!!!!!
        whatever you're on, stop right now!!!!

      • Has there been any news abour the neuro compounds being researched at Albany Molecular?

        Owning and researching these compounds makes Albany Molecular a biopharma.

    • learn how to read: here are the facts, just decipher this
      I already acknowledged the fact that it was feasable but extremely hard
      BMS transferred intellectual property to AMRI, not the opposite !!!! on top of that, AMRI bought back all the chemistry they had developped during their contract period, meaning that they probably did not make one penny overall, what a deal!!!!!!!!
      do you really think that BMS would have sold a potential blockbuster for a mere 3.1 million deal?????? as far as I know, it is still a credit, at 35$ when the stock is at 9 $, get real....
      contract signed in 2002, but AMRI had already worked on the project, for at least 2 years (has to be for a 3.1 million deal, much work had to be done), so I am quite confident that 5 years of research is the minimum
      for an insider, you don't seem to know anything about your own company !!!!!

      "In March 2004, we issued warrants to purchase up to 516,232 shares of our common stock, with exercise prices ranging from $30.24 to $35.24 to Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMS). The exercise period for these warrants is 5.5 years. The issuance of these warrants results from a 2002 agreement whereby BMS transferred intellectual property to us, providing us with ownership of one of BMS's preclinical drug candidates, along with patent applications covering attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and central nervous system indications. In connection with the agreement, in March 2004, we elected to retain ownership of the technology and all improvements made to date by us, resulting in the issuance of the warrants to BMS. The issuance of these warrants satisfies all equity-related obligations to BMS and results in our full ownership of these preclinical drug candidates and related intellectual property. Such warrants, which had a value of $3.1 million on the date of issuance, were charged to research and development costs with a corresponding credit to stockholders' equity during the period ended March 31, 2004. The value of warrants issued was determined using the Black-Scholes option-pricing model.

    • Is OLD news the only thing that "amrithebest" can continually try to defend? Why not try letting us in on the current goings' on within this company and start giving us some positive reasons as to why we should even be involved. And another thing Mr."Best", I would like to know, just where DOES TD's 6.5 MIL come from?..I believe you better check your pockets....they're probably empty...

    • well, let's wait until may 10th, we will have a better idea of where they're headed by their "passionate and vibrant" CEO....until then...

    • I just wish the board (or highly overpaid executive mgm't) wasn't so enamored with TD......I think they too have been wo'od by Mr. Suave and have succumbed to his spell of bull, either that or he's sharing his wealth with the board (we already know how generous he is with his exec's)... "money talks"...

    • Is OLD news the only thing Mr. Geek and his alter ego Ms. Lilly try to distort! Stop fantasizing about your pocket protector!

      Dr. D�Ambra�s salary as you know is only about $700 k. The majority of the $5.05 M (not $6.5 M � see how the shorts lie and distort) is from the novel technology incentive award that AMRI has implemented for all employees. Dr. D�Ambra�s extra reward is based on his inspirational discovery of an economical process to manufacture Fexofenadine. AMRI benefits from 90% of these revenues and has helping the company create a new paradigm in the pharmaceutical industry. Not only does the technology incentive award incentivize the highly talented workforce (many of who are also co-owners due to the stock purchase program) but it also shows the generosity Dr. D�Ambra shows to all employees!

    • Tom, err... if you aren't Tom, you are so far up his a$$ that you may as well stink like him... stop your ranting!! First of all, lets be honest - you didn't invent ANYTHING. You pilfered ownership a good product from a good company through a bogus legal action. Remind yourself that the person who told you that you could do this is now in jail... Tom, you are *lucky.* As for your incentive program: It's only set up to give $$ to you. Yeah yeah, others have gotten some money, but compare $10,000 (one time) to $5,500,000 yearly, and your generosity begins to look a little suspect, especially when most others in the company are receiving sub-standard wages.

    • "but it also shows the generosity Dr. D�Ambra shows to all employees!"
      before you come up with another stupidity, it is fair to warn you that I just checked the patents that AMRI has released these last years, and it seems that mainly top management execs get their names on the patents (cross-referenced with AMRI website management list: trova, molino, sargent, sometimes as a single inventor!!!!), I doubt that these guys still work in the labs at their level, hence my question, if the base employees are not listed on the patents, how could they ever benefit financially from Tom D generosity's???????????
      considering how unstable this stock has been, I doubt that these employees invest much in their company, if something were to happen, they would lose both their job and their savings. You always praise their intelligence, I hope for them that they really are....

      does not leave much for incentive, does it??

    • If you read my message, I am asking for NEW news, and to drop the very old, OLD news. We all know what the old numbers are and where they have gotten this company. What we really want to know is where this company is heading...What I would really like to hear is that TD's IS sharing his wealth with the hard working "no name" scientists. I have also heard that their or your, so called "bonuses" are based only on their, or your, wages and their, or your, reviews. Is this true? Boy, if it is, you had better be making a decent wage in order to reap any of those big benefits! It appears to me that only the big names end up with the big money...
      Hmmmm BIG salary = BIG bonus. You do the math Pal.

    • To be fair, this system is not specific to AMRI, the 4 pharmas for which I have worked so far (even big ones), have the same bonus/evaluation/reward system in place, where execs get a bonus based on a percentage of their salary (and the results of the company) and employees based on their evaluation.
      The only difference is the value of this percentage, I remember seeing a ~70,000$ bonus for Dr. Mike Trova with a base salary of less than ~200,000$, now that�s a healthy (sick..) percentage!!!
      These days, Tom D gives, sorry, awards, them stocks on top of that....well, the company has been doing so well (ironic), nothing abnormal !!!!!!!!

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