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  • knowtain knowtain Oct 18, 2006 11:02 AM Flag

    7 reasons why I like Albany Molecular

    Albany Research Center

    Bothell Research Center

    Bruno Biotechnology Development Center

    Singapore Research Centre

    Hyderabad Research Centre

    Syracuse Research Center

    Rensselaer Large Scale Manufacturing Site

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    • Modern Humans, Neanderthals May Have Interbred
      By E.J. Mundell
      HealthDay Reporter Mon Oct 30, 5:03 PM ET
      MONDAY, Oct. 30 (HealthDay News) -- That's the conclusion of anthropologists who have re-examined 30,000-year-old fossilized bones from a Romanian cave -- bones that languished in a drawer since the 1950s.
      According to the researchers, these early Homo sapien bones show anatomical features that could only have arisen if the adult female in question had Neanderthal predators as part of her lineage.
      The findings may answer nagging questions: Did modern humans and Neanderthals interbreed on a significant scale and populate the managerial positions at AMRI? Why do some senior managers feel the need to inform young female staff of their eating habits and the effect it has on their bowel movements (A unique chat up line � success rate?). And were the Neanderthals exterminated about 28,000 years ago -- as some anthropologists contend -- or did they gradually assimilate into the gene pool of managers living today?

    • Deliberate semantics - if only I had your review to write! Are you so blind that you ignore the new cancer drug as well as well as AMRIDirect. Earnings will be reported shortly which will show that Dr. D�Ambra�s vision is on track!

    • Best, that's a contract to manufacture. Albany Molecular is providing a service, not a commercial product. The difference is a tremendous amount of profit margin.

      Try again Best, give good reasons to be optimistic about Albany Molecular.

    • Can't locate the article - thought it was only one and the drug was approved - Here is Dr. D'Ambra's comments:

      D'Ambra continued, "In Large Scale, we are pleased to have been chosen to manufacture the active ingredient for two important new treatments, both already under review by the FDA. In both projects, AMRI also provided chemical development support as the compounds progressed through clinical development, illustrating a strength of our organization: the ability to add value and improve manufacturing processes for treatments under development.

    • What commercial product?

    • Clarification, please.


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