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  • gt9486a gt9486a Dec 14, 2009 6:47 PM Flag

    I used to work for AMRI ten years ago

    At the Albany site. Only for one year. I knew Tom the CEO. I always thought the company got very lucky with the Allegra work by patenting the process they found, and then rode the downsizing expansion of big pharma through the 1990s to early 2000s. They were in the right place at the right time but as most of these outsourcing companies found out sooner or later there is always someone else who will do it cheaper. After all, that was what they told their clients. I guess it is coming back to bite them.

    I have been following their stock since and don't know how they are going to get out of this mess now. There are too many places that can do the work cheaper and while the mena in suits are sleeping in the USA and Europe.

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    • gt9486a - my amateur opinion, you seem to be the most intelligent person who has ever posted here.

    • I have a recommendation - - - if you're sooooooooo nervous, go away, and in the meantime try to find a competitor who can run the rev figures that amri does with similar employee base, cost structure, etc ... d'ambra is a successful leadership figure from both a research / scientific perspective and managerial viewpoint -- i have faith in the business model, amri has the jump on many of their competitors, and you won't know it until early 2010... thats why i am in it now, and continue to buy on dips .. unlike the scardey-cats that can't figure out how to trade and invest.... best of luck --- and please if you can't get with the program,.. just walk away from amri, cause i want more profits, and don't want you jabbing in on my know-how.

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      • "if you can't get with the program,.. just walk away from amri, cause i want more profits, and don't want you jabbing in on my know-how."

        Sir, you might be over-reacting just a tad and you seem to be taking this personal. Either that or you doth protest too much. In any event, there is nothing that anyone of the participants here can write that will have any impact on the stock whatsoever (unless Warren Buffett is reading/posting).

        If every single person on this board bought or sold at the same time, it wouldn't have an impact.

        Buying 1 million shares might have a short-term impact on the stock price. I doubt if anyone here has that kind of net worth.

        Bottom Line: not one person here is going to have an impact on your investment.

      • Ummm...Tom was a good manager when I knew him. It isn't about who is good or not but about the reality of globalization. There are now more competitors globally and their business model can't deal with that. The whole point was that AMRI was cheaper than hiring your own salaried chemist employees at your site. They used to pay employees much less than you got if you worked at say Dupont proper so they could do it. And Dupont has a huge number of people working for them at AMRI during the 1990s to early 2000s. But then how do you compete with India and the time zone difference? It was a good model until you look at globalization.

        Then they decided on discovery of their own and that just eats cash.

        Good luck.

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