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  • stckhound stckhound May 4, 2010 6:39 AM Flag

    $3000 taxi rides???????????????????

    Anyone read the Times Union Article on the AMRI CEO wife $3000 taxi ride while in Europe two weeks ago? Archive it at
    During these hard times where many would give their right arm for $3000 for necessities, it was in very poor taste to read this article. One was to feel sorry for their horses now having to be boarded over in Europe as due to the Icelandic volcanic ash, they were unable to be cargoed back to Albany, NY. Oh dear. If I were a shareholder, I would have sold that morning. I think it is a SHORT. All pigs go to slaughter.

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    • After seeing this post, I looked up the story in question. I'm sorry. I have to go on the record as saying this has nothing to do with the chairman's ability or inability to manage the company. This doesn't make AMRI a Short.

      I agree that it might look insensitive and extravagant. However, three things I would like to stress. First, it's the chairman's own money and his personal choice. Second, apparently company funds were not involved. Third, the chairman's grandson was over there. Throw all logic out the window when protecting one's own flesh-and-blood. Perhaps this will brand me as a redneck or hillbilly or whatever. If that were me and I had that money, I would have spent anything for the safe return of my grandson and wife. That's my opinion; now flame me.

    • You gotta be kidding me. I just looked up the article. Any self respecting newspaper would never willingly print an article like that. D'Ambra must have asked them to publish his tale of woe. This dude clearly suffers from some delusional disorder, or simply be a heartless fool. As people are facing a future without jobs, this guy parades around his idiotic woes about a $3,000 taxi ride and having to board a horse. Anyone want to take a guess at how much it cost to ship a horse back and forth across the ocean. It could probably feed a couple of families that D'Ambra certainly had a hand in terminating over the last few years. I have traded AMRI stock for three years, and I appreciate your advice to SHORT the stock, but frankly, that is what I have been doing the last two years and have made a tidy profit on the ineptitude of the current management. This article that you found certainly supports the notion that it is time for a change at AMRI. Perhaps the best thing would be to separate the R&D function from the Services business and use the monies from the Allegra royalties to fund the R&D function. Let the services business stand on its own or be acquired. At least the shareholders will get some return and the risk will be appropriately apportioned. This is the first time I felt compelled to write on any chat board, but honestly folks this shatters the record for incomprehensible self centeredness.

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