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  • trading_pharma trading_pharma Jan 4, 2011 1:37 PM Flag


    How could the stock NOT go up after this news? Stock Hunter, you seem to have a solid read of this market, what's the deal?

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      hurry or it'll go to ZERO!" – stockstrategist on 7-Jan-11

      Hi stockstrategist,

      You might have thought that you were being funny when you posted those comments. However, as of last Friday's close, AMRI's stock price has plunged 47% since that post. It has been below the $3.00 mark on several occasions this year. If the stock price falls below $1 and remains there for a sustained period, AMRI will be forced to delist. Zero is getting closer and closer.

      Stock Hunter

    • stockstrategist, I remember you! Yes, you are the person who posted these silly comments on 14 December, 2009 (AMRI closing price for that day was $8.86):

      Your post took us on a trip through the Jibber-Jabber Land Of Unadulterated Nonsense. The more I compare the posts of amrithebest and stockstrategist, the more similarities (including a deficit of logic) I see. I now strongly suspect that stockstrategist and amrithebest are the same person.

      This person fits into one of the following two categories:

      1) A desperate employee posting comments in a series of futile attempts to raise the stock price.

      2) A troll, who posts ridiculous, absurd and illogical comments in the hopes of irritating other people into emotional reactions.

    • "If you believe the shorts on this board. Boring, boring, boring can’t they come up with something new?" -- amrithebest 9 Jan, 2011

      Posters can not "come up with something new" because AMRI is going nowhere at a snail's pace.

      That is beside the point. Once again, amrithebest, you do not seem to fully grasp both the purpose of this Message Board and the basic fundamentals of how the stock market works.

      I said this before and I will repeat (ad nauseam):

      *** Shorting is Very EXPENSIVE and Extremely Risky! Also, the stock is trading at about $5.80 per share. If someone were to short AMRI now and it fell to $3.00 or less (highly unlikely), they wouldn't make that much money versus buying a stock with actual long term growth potential. The stock will probably not fall much further so the risk/reward ratio is not in favor of shorting. I suspect that you are confusing "shorts" with "bears."

      You and some of the other acolytes and/or neophytes seem to have an obsession with "shorts" -- it seems like George Orwell's Animal Farm, where the pigs cooked up various allegations of evil plots by Snowball and they blame Snowball for every misfortune.

      *** This is not personal. The purpose of this Message Board is engage in relatively unemotional discussions and evaluations. A stock is not a gf or spouse.

      *** NOTHING that ANY OF US will write here will have ANY IMPACT on the share price of AMRI. NO IMPACT!!! NONE!!! The market votes on AMRI every day and the market says this stock is an under performer.

      - - - - - -

      "Clearly Dr. D’Ambra has assembled the essence of a truly Global Pharmaceutical company (only two pieces to go) – the idea now is not primarily to make a profit – sorry shorts." -- amrithebest 9 Jan, 2011

      Your comment is wrong in so many ways, I do not know where to begin. Among other things: once again, you seem to be confusing "shorts" with "bears." Also, the whole point of being in business and listing a company's shares is to make a profit!!! Otherwise, AMRI should have remained a private company and not have taken money from Wall Street, thus avoiding scrutiny and critiques. Management should take the company private and change the name to amrithebest, perhaps you are the only person does not realize that the idea is to make profits.

      One other point - Clearly? To whom is this thesis evident? Nothing seems to be clear with AMRI.

    • I quote: "the idea now is not primarily to make a profit"

      if this is the strategy then stop playing with other people's money. Strategy? India is a mess, Hungary is hemorging money and the singapore facility does not do chem dev. USA has been restructured several times now and you just bought a company that was promptly shut down by the FDA.

      What kind of company is this? I think your whole leadership team needs to go. They have not produced any results. Take the company private if you want to run the company like some pet project. Obviously this is way above the capabilities of the people you have.

      As I said, glad i came in at 8 and sold at 19. After learning about the comnpany i was ready to sell and glad i did. Not sure what your motivation is for investing. No dividend, no profit and no strategy. Waste of time and actually a joke amongst its peers

    • If you believe the shorts on this board. Boring, boring, boring can’t they come up with something new? Stockstrategist has an excellent grasp of Dr. D’Ambra’s game plan. As you are comfortable using his first name, I assume you are closer to him – we would be appreciative of any detail you can add. Clearly Dr. D’Ambra has assembled the essence of a truly Global Pharmaceutical company (only two pieces to go) – the idea now is not primarily to make a profit – sorry shorts. For the next 4/5 years, revenue from Allegra, Chem Dev and manufacturing will support the plethora of compounds in their pipeline. I would be surprised if these were launched alone and would bet on a partner – best guess Sanofi Aventis. If they can get fast tracked from the FDA then we could see the first compound on the market in less than 6 years. With regard to Genentech, not everyone agrees with Sargent’s licensing some of the redolent pipeline – personally, I think he needs to go.
      This is the time to rejoice in the glories of Christ's birth and celebrate all the blessings of the Holy Spirit with your friends, family, acquaintances and hopefully his blessings will shower on AMRI global this year.

      hurry or it'll go to ZERO!

    • stk_hunter, thank you sir!

      only question is whether to get out at 6 or sit tight for a few quarters

    • loser. haha
      AMRI's a 14$ stock,. just gunna take a little while to get there.

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