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  • tstockpicker tstockpicker Feb 28, 2011 8:55 AM Flag

    I can't believe it - all these years later amrithebest is still here

    Good Post. I fully agree with your statements and I am glad I have moved on. The grass is greener on the other side. (A.K. LMFAO, I knew it was him).

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    • thang_cue (great nickname LOL) and tstockpicker,

      Thank you for sharing your views with this message board.

      I do not want to violate anyone's privacy. Specifically, I do not want anyone to divulge the identity of "A.K." Not that it would matter to me, but I assume it would matter to others.

      I would like to ask the both of you a question: In your opinion, is amrithebest/A.K. a naive employee who believes that if we all post positive comments here, it will drive-up the stock price of AMRI? That's my theory and I just wanted to see if it holds water. You seem to know him, so I just wanted to hear your views, satisfy my curiosity, verify some of my theories and eliminate some of my far fetched theories.

      Stock Hunter

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      • I don't know for a FACT that's who it is, but I know of many people who independently have arrive at the same conclusion. As far as I am aware, he still works there.

        For the record, I give D'Ambra a GREAT amount of credit for building the company up as far as he did. I think he was the perfect person to lead it as a small company. Now that it's not a small company (and hasn't been for about 10 years), he's not really sure what to do with it.

        It is my opinion that amrithebest is an extremely over the top optimist and a big believer in Tommy D's abilities. It is also my opinion that senior management is aware of amrithebest (I remember emails coming out telling well-meaning employees to stay off message boards in perhaps 2004-2005 when he was particularly active) and might even have an inkling of who he is, which would keep them from telling him very much of consequence that wasn't public. I don't think he has any more inside information than your run-of-the-mill employee, and thus is not of much more value than entertainment.

        You'll notice the language he uses is of someone on the outside of a rock concert trying to imagine how cool it is inside. It's all "imagine what great plans Dr. D'Ambra has" or "they must have so many compounds in their pipeline".

        This is just someone who enjoys a career there and likes their work, without questioning management's strategies, even when they seem to lead to trouble more often than not. He will truly go down with his ship as a loyal Gilligan to his nearly God-like Skipper.

        In short, I don't think he's trying to drive up the stock price so much as he thinks it's an injustice when it tanks, and blames pessimists and naysayers for AMRI's stock woes.

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