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  • NVR2LATE4 NVR2LATE4 Aug 22, 2011 10:38 AM Flag

    AMRI: Take a look at this

    To the new posters on this board, God bless you for still paying attention to AMRI..... I first posted (post #1)in Feb of 1999 the following:::: "AMRI...A very good company with potential"" 10-Feb-99 03:37 pm "With a minimal float, high profit margins and expanding operations, this stock should have some real positive movement after the POST-IPO shakeout.... A p/e of 28, on present year, never mind a low 20's p/e on next years earnings...seems to me like a lock for the long term..any opinions?"

    Since then I watched a rocket stock (of course caught up in the great market bubble of 2000 where AMRI pre-split went up to $120+.... on the heels of outstanding Allegra sales....) And if I remeber correctly AMRI used that stong currency (stock) to rise capital on the expansion plans.....

    What disappoints me all these years later is that they failed to execute on laid out corporate strategies.. Were they a drug developer? contract manufacturer? focused on US growth? focused on overseas growth? Well the golden goose (Allegra) will lay a few more golden eggs...unfortunately much smaller, but always wondered Tom, why didnt you step aside for a business strategist to take the helm rather than traversing the rocky waters yourself? You wouldn't have asked the Engine room captain to steer the boat would you? It seems you are taking on water and one of three things can occur...#1: Shake up top management and follow a firm strategy and execute to the best of your abilities, #2: be gluttonous, continue to milk the company (just look at the the SG&A line while R&D drops???) and wait for another to come along and save you..or #3..finally just sink....

    Good luck.. I still wish AMRI success. Just felt that 10,000's of posts later this board has become a wasteland....and is being removed from my list.... Good luck to all those who follow...


    PS Tom, you should be commended for work on Feoxfenadine and helping create jobs. That shouldn't be forgotten...

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