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  • Yankindixie Yankindixie Sep 14, 1999 10:31 PM Flag


    1) Most probable, and most likely
    2) Institutions made up less than 1/2 of today's activity
    3) If New Yorkers kept D'Amato for as long as they did, a Clinton couln't hoit.


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    • Hey big Al got congress to spend $350 million on
      a subway for Buffalo. Hey anyone who can do this is
      a genius. Hillary would spend twice as much and
      only have a dedicated Busway to show for it. Getting
      back to AMRI. All you chemists out there don't
      despair. There is good chemistry at the top, these people
      are practical in nature. The stock will turn around.
      Does anyone
      think this impending Aventis Merger
      will have any impact on this stock?

      • 1 Reply to Badchemist
      • The top guns at AMRI are good chemists, no argue
        about that.
        This acquisition is a dummer than
        talkingdummy's writing. It may be an excellent acquisition in
        the long run. However, for the time being, it just
        creat doubts from all us investors' mind:
        Is this
        going to be a money drain? Is this a utopia company
        that AMRI bought? That's how the stock took a tumble
        these few days.
        It is not going to recover unless
        the matter become crystal clear
        to me. IMHO

    • Hey Big Al pushed through Congress a bill to
      spend $350 Million
      to build a Subway System For
      Buffalo. Anyone who could do that is a genius. Hillary
      only works on projects that in the long run

      benefits her game plan. All you chemists out there have
      faith. AMRI will rebound. This company has practical
      management, only good chemistry at the Top! This price
      flucuation though has me baffled. I guess I better stick to
      chemistry. Any more insights into why the stock is doing
      what it is doing would be greatly appreciated. Does
      the impending Aventis Merger(takeover) have any

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