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  • NVR2LATE4 NVR2LATE4 Aug 9, 2000 11:42 AM Flag

    re: "stock split"


    Here's the detail of the

    The Company's transfer agent on August 24, 2000 will
    distribute the additional shares resulting from the stock
    split. The Company currently has approximately 14.9
    million shares outstanding. Upon completion of the split,
    that number will increase to approximately 29.8
    million shares.

    AMRI merged with Enzymed for


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    • my only statement re future split wasthey cannot
      do a 2for1 without a shareholder vote at authorize
      more shares. 50.0 mil minus 28.9 mil leaves 21.1
      mil... not enough without increase vote by shareholders
      for a two for one. incidently, no response to my

      • 1 Reply to nelson481
      • Nelson. The 28.9 million shares is
        post-split...(14 and change pre-split). I haven't checked my
        email, but will get back to you. Take care. We certainly
        have a winner of a stock here!!! In addition, from the
        Allegra #'s it looks like those royalties are going to

        Bully... Fanatic Investor... Firstly, the odd-lot piece
        was taken from a Forbes/Fortune etc. website not mine
        (if I had one) don't remeber which site, but for
        trading purposes, you can generally get a better fill
        price on an even lot trade(see level II)... rather than
        an odd lot trade. That is one half of my point. The
        other is that some more astute investors and those with
        alot more money than us on these chat boards, tend not
        to trade with Ameritrade.... So in response, no its
        not moot... Again check your facts prior to rebuttal.
        I gave you benefit of the doubt that you were
        talking about absolute value of the split which is Zero.
        But was pointing out all of the other benefits, which
        are just as important to the investor.. Again this
        board should not resort to namecalling...

        addition, if the entire population traded Ameritrade(AMTD)
        ($8 fee) I don't think they would be traing for $13
        dollars a share... I would think someone is keeping the
        bigger houses up and running...

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