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  • mid_swe mid_swe Jan 11, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    Desperate shorts fail to deliver

    Notice how desperate the Fraude in the Inducements crocks are. A new Yahoo signature every day! Not one who has been around for more than a couple of months!

    You have to learn that you need to have some shares before you sell them!

    Here is the latest fail to deliver data with some notes!

    20111115|691828305|OXGN|25468|OXIGENE INC COM|1.04 <-settlement day, 4.5M volume 12/12
    20111116|691828305|OXGN|5206|OXIGENE INC COM|1.04
    20111117|691828305|OXGN|9913|OXIGENE INC COM|1.01
    20111118|691828305|OXGN|729|OXIGENE INC COM|0.96
    20111121|691828305|OXGN|22709|OXIGENE INC COM|0.93
    20111122|691828305|OXGN|1998|OXIGENE INC COM|0.91
    20111123|691828305|OXGN|2873|OXIGENE INC COM|0.93
    20111125|691828305|OXGN|7319|OXIGENE INC COM|0.90
    20111128|691828305|OXGN|36605|OXIGENE INC COM|0.91 <-Lincoln deal
    20111129|691828305|OXGN|8498|OXIGENE INC COM|1.05
    20111130|691828305|OXGN|2392|OXIGENE INC COM|1.00
    20111201|691828305|OXGN|46455|OXIGENE INC COM|1.01 <-settlement day post Lincoln
    20111202|691828305|OXGN|35997|OXIGENE INC COM|1.00
    20111205|691828305|OXGN|33089|OXIGENE INC COM|0.98
    20111206|691828305|OXGN|19181|OXIGENE INC COM|1.03
    20111207|691828305|OXGN|13709|OXIGENE INC COM|1.03
    20111208|691828305|OXGN|142|OXIGENE INC COM|1.04 <-PCV data
    20111209|691828305|OXGN|2563|OXIGENE INC COM|1.03
    20111212|691828305|OXGN|9703|OXIGENE INC COM|1.01
    20111213|691828305|OXGN|47907|OXIGENE INC COM|1.20 <-Settlement day post PCV

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