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  • manofeconomics manofeconomics Mar 27, 2014 7:20 PM Flag

    AACR & ASCO Deadlines

    The deadline to submit a late breaking Abstract to AACR was January 27.

    The deadline to submit a late breaking abstract to ASCO is April 1st, but only if you submitted an abstract without data prior to the normal deadline.

    Dr. Langecker mentioned that the results were embargoed, which certainly leaves some possibility that they will be presented at ASCO.

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    • ... or AACR as they could have met that deadline with the PFS data, I guess we find out April 5th??

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      • So you believe the lead researcher might have submitted an abstract in January with the data?

        He then either did not tell Oxigene the results until March 11 or Oxigene did not disclose it until March 11. In the meantime Oxigene filed a S-1/A on Feb 10 and sold 6 Million shares and 3 million warrants without the information being disclosed.

        The SEC investigation if that timeline holds out will make every stockholders head swim. As someone who has a large investment in Oxigene I certainly hope there is not a presentation at AACR.

    • mano.glad to see you are still gathering info and sharing it with this mb.Between batman and robin this mb has gone to he double hockey stix

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      • On PFS alone.. the company is worth multiples of it's current value. But yet here you are.. the only SLOB trying to talk it down from $3.5 bucks. Keep up the insulting tone, Penguin. We're going to kick your #$%$ and take pictures for all of Metropolis to see..pal. "POW, SLAP, SMACK."

        a know nothing pretending to know something. essentially.. a liar.

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        back in
        by cpatrader2001 • Mar 12, 2014 9:38 PM Flag
        they played me like a fiddle before.... Back up over 5. a buckfitty this morning. cant make this stuff up. luck luck and more luck, dd does not seem to matter one iota

    • thanks man; i don't remember or didn't hear him say the results were embargoed, but that should have been a pretty good sign; that pretty much settles it for me; i expect the full results at asco in 10 weeks and i'm cool with that


      you know that asco begins the first week of june but the asco site releases the abstracts on-line for public viewing around may 15 and it's always at 300pm vegas time or 600pm est; i've been in cancer stocks before sweating out the release of the abstracts; at 300, we all pile in to review the abstracts. will be pretty wild here around middle of may

      also allows o/s to hopefully proceed another 10 weeks which would put us somewhere in the window of statistical significance for the results

      there were several excellent posts on o/s earlier today so pending when the trial started sometime in spring of last year, i think, june puts us in the window; still not sure

      thanks again for the aacr/asco info

      there were several excellent posts early this morning about o/s with varying timelines

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