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  • ehines_009 ehines_009 Oct 22, 1999 12:35 AM Flag

    Not a cure?

    Tell that to Mr Twigg!

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    • aren't trivial. Thanks for the giggle. The
      question was probably asked in earnest. Reminded me of the
      time an adult asked me if people got "worms" from
      candy. It was a serious question. Some people were never
      exposed or taught about internal parasites, life cycles,
      and host animals. Sorry to bore you with my tangent.

    • Hemorrhoids? I suggest bran, fruit, whole grains,
      etc. Doubt there will be much application for powerful
      VTA's here.

      Rhumatoid Arthritis and Macular
      Degeneration (by overgrowth of blood vessels near the center
      of the retina) might be targets for the VTA class of
      therapudics, someday. It takes $200 - $500 Million dollars to
      get a drug approved for a disease. Doubt it will be
      done for anything trivial.


    • Recently I have been attracted to this board and
      I have no medical background at all. Since
      Combretastatin A4 Prodrug (CA4P) is a new class of drug
      (mentioned by Minn_sea and others), does this drug has
      potential for other applications such as Hemorrhoids. Is
      Combretastatin A4 Prodrug (CA4P) only has one kind of usage.

    • Do I understand correctly from your discussion of
      technical analysis and Oxigene's recent performance, that
      we've just had "one of the strongest buy signals you
      can have?"

      I must confess, I'm in Oxigene on
      the fundamentals (curing cancer!). I have seen clear
      evidence over the years that technical analysis may often
      bear fruit, but, since I'm not good at "reading tea
      leaves," I just stick to fundamentals.

      I'm always
      glad, however, to read of technical support for my
      positions, and it's always good to hear from you. Best.

    • thanks bushman combre !

    • and then you have all the technicians, last
      friday oxigene gave a very clear sell signal on the
      charts. im happy i didnt act on on it, by the way why
      should i have done so ??. one week later we got a very
      strong buy signal. one very very fundamental rule in
      technical analysis is that a buy signal that is precluded
      by a sell signal that was false is one of the
      strongest buy signals you can have. why, people go short on
      the sell signal. longs reduce their holdings as they
      think they can outsmart the market. and then suddenly
      reality takes over. wellinformed buyers press the stock
      over an resistance level, the shorts begin to run for
      cover and the longs that paniced trys to go long again.
      this is part of the oxigene scenario on a technical
      basis, the fundsamental basis is, as you migth be aware
      of even more bullish.

    • Other Formats:

      Order this

      World J Surg 1999 Sep;23(9):975-8;
      discussion 978-9

      Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma

      Voutilainen PE, Multanen M, Haapiainen RK, Leppaniemi AK,
      Sivula AH

      Second Department of Surgery, Helsinki
      University Central Hospital, Box 260, FIN-00029 HUCH,
      Helsinki, Finland.

      Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma is
      a rare, highly malignant tumor of elderly people.
      The purpose of this retrospective study was
      characterize the patient population and to detect a potential
      subgroup with better prognosis or any intervention that
      would be
      useful. From 1967 through 1994 a total of
      33 anaplastic thyroid carcinomas were operated on at
      the Second Department of
      Surgery, Helsinki
      University Central Hospital. There were 26 females and 7
      males with mean age of 66.0 years (range
      years). At the time of diagnosis 16 of 33 patients had
      distant metastases, and 32 of 33 of the tumors had
      invaded the thyroid
      capsule. Disease-specific survival
      was 9.7% (95% confidence interval from 2.0% to 25.9%)
      at 1 year using the product limit
      analysis. In the stepwise Cox proportional hazards
      regression model, local resectability (p = 0.0002), presence
      distant metastases at diagnosis (p = 0.0014),
      radiotherapy (p = 0.014), and radioiodine ablation (p = 0.039)
      were independent
      prognostic factors. We concluded
      that even though statistically significant,
      independent, prognostic factors can be found the
      of the patients with the best prognostic
      characteristics is still poor. Only one patient, who had an
      anaplastic carcinoma
      focus within an encapsulated
      follicular thyroid carcinoma, survived in this series. At
      present there seems to be no surgical
      treatment that
      would be efficient for treating symptomatic anaplastic
      thyroid carcinoma.

      PMID: 10449831, UI: 99380702

      the above report in format
      documents on this
      page through Loansome Doc

    • Random thoughts on sellers:

      1) There are
      day traders. If someone takes a long position in the
      morning, and the stock is up 5% by noon, well, that's a
      good thing to do every day.

      2) There are
      disciplined traders. Some traders set a target, say 20%, and
      when the target is met, discipline mandates closing
      the position.

      3) There may be better
      opportunities on any given day. Some traders may, for example,
      close a long position in Oxigene to have the funds for
      a short term opportunity elsewhere. If I had known
      ENMD was going to go up 400% in one day, I would have
      sold OXGN, ridden ENMD up, sold, and taken a larger
      position in OXGN.

      I console myself with the fact
      that between 1957 and 1977 Xerox was up a 1000 fold,
      and there were surely lots and lots of sellers on the
      way up. And that was only copiers, not the cure for

      Comments welcome. Best wishes.

    • now i understand why management hasnt coommented on twiggs or the other happy cases. 20 usd in coming week !!!

    • I also wonder why there still are so many
      sellers. Not cause I�m worried about anything in the
      company but cause it to me seems so stuiped to sell with
      all these facts we have. But I wondered that already
      at 5.5$ after Neu-sensamide was given up
      and i
      think I will do that also at 25$ when we reach that


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