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  • jpomper jpomper Aug 11, 2011 3:39 AM Flag


    Hi pdp,

    "dont u love how online gambling is illegal, however it is okay for the big boyz to rigg the market with their expensive computers.."

    Yes, you are absolutely right. The StockExchanges all over the world are regulated by laws on the assumption of the 50's and 70's basic idea, that on their facility

    A)real human INVESTORS will trade with their own money,
    B)on human timeframes from days to decades
    C) based on the real values of single companies
    D)while all stock prices are basically move independently from each other.

    Today, 40-60 years later, the situation is absolutely different, is the opposite, since:

    A)Computers trade with each other, on the bank's and fund's money, not humans
    B)Working mainly on extremly short timeframes from milliseconds to minutes, not weeks or years
    C)Based on technical charting, absolutely ignoring any company fundamentals
    D)all stocks are moving in tandem, since they are all connected by thousands of tradable indexes, ETFs, etc. so that the stock price is driven by the index they are in, and not by the values of companies.

    It is time to stop this madness.

    The laws, the allowable methods, bans, etc. must be adapted to the realitys of the 21st century.

    Otherwise, we all will become the PREY of this distortions, we become captive of our creations called computers and software, built on the the principles of extrem GREED.

    They will make us all poor, helpless, devastated if we allow it.
    Just like in any crazy sci-fi novels.

    This is also in the best interest of banks and funds. Otherwise: not only the above methods, but the banks, funds themselves will be destroyed.

    "I see a rally into the end of year."

    If the boards of stock exchanges will not change the rules to cut out the HFT, ETFs, etc, causing this Computer-generated panic and real Y2K disaster in the making,
    I dont know what will.

    But yes, you might be right, and at one point all computers will turn around and will generate a huge rally.

    "worst thing to do now is go all cash".

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