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  • jpomper jpomper Sep 13, 2011 1:53 PM Flag

    The Wallstreet Journal trying to distroy the European banks

    Yes, you are absolutely correct.
    Since 2 weeks, every day, the US financial headlines
    keep repeating 5 words "Markets drop on EU worries".

    It's time to ask a question:
    Is it the interest of USA(WSJ) to continue to reinforce and spread this (mostly baseless) extremly negative sentiment? To put all the blame of a worldwide confidence-crisis (there is no recession yet, not in US, and not in Europe; nowhere !)
    and try to generate panic, in Europe?

    What kind of crazy madness drives this?

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    • Noticed too? The first to default is the one that will be fleeced. The vulture capitalist are trying to profit from the misery of others.

      Looks like the EURO project must do a step back. No reason for panick imo.

      EURO (esp. France) has a problem when Greece defaults. All other Northern countries (banks) are safe, maybe they should work out on plan B.

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      • China will help Greece at a price. I like this stock. Almost 14 book value and a huge pile of cash. This is a northern stock . I think the Chinese should eat more pizza and the Greeks should try to eat more rice and work on their waistline . Reality should hit when they see China writing on some of their treasures. I think this one has been over sold with the worlds problems.

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