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  • yahoo yahoo Jul 18, 2006 8:39 AM Flag

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    • I think its obvious we don't know what is wrong with FRED.The store in my town is not as busy as in the past.They have changed management and store clerks.The store is clean and appears well stocked.They do have new competition from a DG and FDO.
      This downturn has been going on for 6 months I think this stock is headed for 14.5 or lower.I hope I am wrong.

    • The problem with folks waiting for 6-7-8% T-bills is opportunity cost while they wait and further risk of capital erosion through inflation or further interest rate increases after those funds are put to work below 10%.

      I do like some fixed income, but a few months ago instead of the "traditional" vehicles bought shares of variable rate senior bank loans (VVR and PPR). I felt these would generate a reasonable income of 5%, the rate would increase with interest rates and not lose capital value - rather would gain in capital value as the then discounted loan portfolios recovered in credit quality. So far they have proved a wise choice and far superior to bonds or T-bills.

      On the job front, I do think many investors are waiting for better news. Whether the percentage of money sitting on the sidelines that ultimately goes to equities will create PE expansion (a general view) or if it will come from a shift from fixed-income to equities is anybody's guess ..I guess..:).


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