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  • islahombre islahombre Dec 10, 2003 3:03 PM Flag

    About the stock price...........

    My guess is someone, probably Breakaway investors, are taking their profit. I think NTN knew this was going to take place and with a couple hundred thousand shares hitting the market decided to minimize the effect with the Business Week article and the Amex thing that was needed anyway.

    Now volume is getting back to normal, but some large blocks are going through which are probably stops by the more savy investor (like yours truly). Note the price drops on those blocks and then rises again slowly on the small trades. NOT a buying sign for me yet.

    If anyone has lunch with investor relations it would be nice to verify and especially to identify who might have been moving his shares.

    Any other INVESTORS have any thoughts on the price fluctuations the last month or so?

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    • Yes there is evidence MSOs and different apps will provide chat. I think Ty has mentioned it as something Buzztime was working on but that was sometime back.

      Yes I have played ntn games for sometime. Many years in fact.

      Yes I realize at present they are different.

      No I won't waste time informing you of my research because you are not an investor. You would not use the information for investment purposes. You would simply nit pick it to pieces.

    • >>But not everybody can be wrong dozens of times like you, isla. That takes a special talent.>>

      And Darren 'wrong since 1997', you would know better than anybody.

      Darren 'wrong since 1997' - opens mouth inserts foot.

      Now, that was too f-ing funny and too f-ing easy.

    • "Chat on cable is on it's way."

      Is there actual evidence for this claim, or is it just another fabrication of yours?

      Not that I wouldn't enjoy seeing you fumble around trying to chat using a cable remote, mind you.

      "And (I don't know when) the time will come when you can play a game at home and chat with someone playing a game at your fav watering hole."

      You do realize the home users and bar users play different games, don't you? Have you ever been in a bar with NTN?

      "just in case I am wrong (for a first time. Everybody, even me can be wrong once in their lives!). "

      But not everybody can be wrong dozens of times like you, isla. That takes a special talent.


    • Well I don't know about clearly. If you find the source please post it. What do you think of the Cable Labs initiative?

    • Not explicitly but you always point to negatives and "question" any positives. You point to every failure and never think anything is going to work for NTN. Being kind, you have tunnelvision.

      What you call blue sky, I call "futurevision".

      Which of us is right? Look at the stock price.

      One of the key examples of your near sightedness is to consider Hospitality and Buzztime as two separate concepts. My comments about chat apply to both since many of the same people in my opinion will be playing games on both. Buzztime branding is already being used on trivia in the Hospitality network. I would think that your player ID will be able to be used on both Buzztime (cable) and at Hospitality locations.

      The community NTN will build will move between Hospitality and cable.We aren't talking about a trivia game but a network as I think NTN sees it.

    • Isla. In the recent past Comcast's CEO (Roberts) was quoted as identifying the importance of ITV. (Although I do not recall the publication source, it was a Robert's quote.)

      So, contrary to your comment, it is clearly on the burner for Comcast and most of the cable industry, right now.

    • Isla, in that prior post, you said "Except Full of Gas, Bad Investor Bob, Pissed Post slinger and others who don't invest in NTN but want to tell us why we shouldn't."

      Not any of the three mentioned here has ever said not to invest in NTN. What has been questioned are those pie in the sky comments, old links, links which have nothing to do with NTN, and hype which can't be backed up.

      Then Isla says in the reply ..."Your posts almost always question anything posted positve about NTN"

      I only go after those comments which are bullshit hype ... Where blue sky comments are made without being able to back them up on those issues I'm familiar with on the hospitality side of the business or the cell phone comments.

      As to your comments on Chat, you weren't talking about Buzztime, you were talking about the hospitality side of the business ...

      You really don't know the hospitality side Isla, from those comments made that day on Chat and on Sports games ...

      As to your holiday wishes, I can only extend to you the same ..., as long as you keep the rhetoric down ... :).


    • YOU SAID:
      1. "What a BALD ASS lie that is Isla! When has anyone here said one should not invest in NTN?

      Sometimes you and your sock puppet friend Johnny the exfireman are so full of shit, your eyes are brown ...


      2."Yea right Isla thinks chat on playmakers might bring in more players ...

      Bob "

      1. Calm down! I don't mean to give you a stroke (although that might make this board a kinder gentler place). Your posts almost always question anything posted positve about NTN. As you will note by my posts I came into this when NTN was under $1. I wish you would have listened to me instead of wasting your time negating each of my posts. But I hope you have a Merry Christmas anyway. Did you take your blood pressure meds?

      2. Now just so your post wasn't all slams, you did make a comment about NTN. The chat thing. I think Hospitality will try to mirror cable's Buzztime. Chat on cable is on it's way. It is important for both NTN environments to have similar look and feel qualities.

      It is also important to develop community for the games and user content. That means creative development and use of chat. Watch and see. In a year or two there will be a lot of chat on cable. And (I don't know when) the time will come when you can play a game at home and chat with someone playing a game at your fav watering hole.

      There are other ways of building community and NTN is creatively testing them: contests, leagues etc.

      An Aside for Investors (Not you Bad Investor Bob. You DID take those blood pressure pills, didn't you?):

      I hope NTN continues to skyrocket up, of course. HOWEVER:

      1. My post with a link to the cable labs initiative is important. I think it is delaying interactive tv apps like Buzztime. If cable waits for that to be completed we won't see a major deployment until around the start of 2005.

      2. Comcast has had a couple of presentations laying out their plans for 2004. Interactive TV is barely mentioned. First comes HDTV, VDR, Telephony etc. etc.

      3. The Western Show was a fizzle. Mainly because it featured Cable Labs initiative. The cable MSO's want software in chips sold with the tv. This is contrary to Moto and Sci Atlanta and the set top boys. But it is cheaper for the consumer and cable MSOs.

      All this could change with pressure from Murdoch. But if the MSOs delay for another year, I think Buzztime will remain in a trading range, no big moves. I think there is time to pull out get back in in several months when it is closer to a major deployment. Yet I will hold for awhile just in case I am wrong (for a first time. Everybody, even me can be wrong once in their lives!). Any thoughts from other investors? Any info to counter this that a deployment may come sooner?

      Good Luck and Mery Christmas to all the Longs and.....well.....Merry Christmas to all the Non investors (God that was hard to say!).

    • Cheeks - What are you talking about?

      I adressed the issue head on-

      YOU posted (insult and all):
      >>Re: About the stock price...........
      by: CheeksCheeks26 (33/M/NJ)
      Long-Term Sentiment: Buy 12/12/03 08:59 am
      Msg: 19197 of 19201

      John, perhaps you should read more carefully. Are you the only person reading? No? Then "you" doesnt mean john.

      This is what my post was in reply to, along with prior posts about stops being executed:
      "Stops were a smart move - porfits rule (right Bad lair and investor Bob?)!"

      chill on the scotch, its shrinking your brain.>>

      I pointed out to you that indeed it was I who posted:

      'Stops were a smart move - porfits rule (right Bad lair and investor Bob?)!'

      Now you said I avoided the issue - you sound more and more like Darren 'wrong since 1997' and Bad liar and investor Bob with every post.

      You can't follow a simple thread.

      Well then, who in your little head were you posting to?


      I answered you now step up.

      Cheeks perhaps you should read more carefully.

      >>i've been posting on the board since '98>>
      So ,I guess you have seen all of Darren 'wrong since 1997's wrong preDICKtions first hand!

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