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  • smoothinvestor smoothinvestor May 17, 2000 4:42 PM Flag

    Volume jumped after NG news was

    announced. Over 50% of today's volume accurred
    after the news hit at 3:00. SFY Hit 25 then the selling
    began. Still, it was good news. The trade volume didn't
    hit the 3 month daily average nor did it come near
    the 10 day average. Tomorrow morning should be
    interesting. If NG continues to increase, so should

    Markets had a bad day, but we did pretty

    Future looks very good.

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    • The only good thing I might be able to support
      about Gore is that his ding-bat policies and his
      ding-bat crew will keep NG at $4plus. He forgot that
      socialism fell with the wall, but he, Hilary & Bill, want
      to revisit it in a different package. Gore and SFY
      could be strange bedfellows for different reasons...
      but then again he would want price controls.

    • Al Gore. Supports Kyoto treaty and various
      eco-causes. Friend of the rain forest and the various
      suppressed peoples everywhere. Calls the auto an enemy to
      mankind. Professed enemy of "Big Tobacco."

      Yet his
      family made and continues to make money from OXY, a big
      oil an chemical company that is theoretically active
      in lots of things Gore is opposed to. Gore pulls
      strings to assist OXY in extracting oil from land in
      Columbia. The land is occupied by indigenous peoples who
      oppose the oil drilling. Plus, he received money for
      raising tobacco for a number of years.

      Of course,
      he did invent the internet and discover Love Canal,
      so I guess he deserves some slack.

    • I referred to two of these, but which one did you mean?

      Have a good weekend.


    • In your last post, I beleive you sarcastically
      combined two classic oxymorons -- "planning by the DOE"
      AND "execution by congress". My weekend is already
      off to a better start!! Thanks,


      June 00 ($US per
      5/19 15:10 3.84 High 3.82 Close +0.115

      Secretary Bill Richardson Complains that Oil Prices Over
      $30/bbl. Are too High Again
      See the article

      Personally, I think he is barking up the wrong
      tree. He
      doesn't yet even appear to know
      that he has much
      bigger problems than oil
      prices..........but this
      summer is going to
      be a very rude awakening, followed
      by a
      very cold and dark winter.

      What are
      cabinet secretaries for anyway?

      This guy is a
      joke. Even Donna Shalala
      knows a crisis when she
      sees one.

      Go long on woolen knickers and night
      goggles for winter this year, and
      clothes manufacturer's for the summer.

      are going to be very much in vogue
      due to great
      prior planning by the DOE and
      phenomenal execution
      by congress and the

      Happy election Al Gore.


    • shrugged off the 'downgrade.' looks like the OSX
      analysts are trying to time the top. they are wrong IMHO,
      because i agree with those who have posted here that this
      time it's dfferent, in sense that we are facing a
      multi-year shortage of NG unless the economy tanks totally.

      my own scenario is for a soft landing engineered by
      the Fed, GNP growth in 2001 perhaps 1 or 2 percent
      and no collapse abroad either. if this holds, then
      oil will remain in upper 20's and NG will rise to
      about $4 and stay there for two years or more. SFY,
      even without NZ, becomes a $40 plus stock. if NZ hits
      big, SFY rises much higher. IMHO, Houston Oil and
      Minerals is a better comparison than ARCO. they hit a big
      gas strike in 1972, and in three years rose from $5
      to $500. it doesn't happen often, but it does

    • Nice curve of ARCO. Prudhoe bay was
      in the mid-late 70's I think, and the
      big spike
      when ARCO went from 10 to high
      30's was when it
      was confirmed commercial
      and what the size was.
      Then settled into
      the 25 range and grew as it was
      and earnings ramped up the stock price into
      the 40's and 50's.

      As for CIBC downgrade
      today. Yes, they downgraded to a BUY from a STRONG

      All that means is that the stock price
      isn't going
      to double again in 2 weeks.

      They increased
      their view on gas prices to
      $3.05 this year and for
      2001. They were
      using $2.30 for the gas price to
      SWift earnings before. Let's see if I got this right.
      Their forecast went up from a level that was way low
      for gas, which is 80% of Swift's product, to
      something more realistic but yet which still lags reality
      by quite a bit, and they haven't yet upgraded their
      earnings forecast to reflect the gas price
      but they downgrade the stock?

      CIBC and special
      friends of same looking for
      an entry point into
      something moving much higher before analyst upgrade on

      You decide yourself.


    • JAG Notes Staff CS First Boston Views on JAG
      Notes reportes SFY Downgrade from Strong Buy to BUY,
      raised target from $21 to $31, �01 from $1.28 to

    • Pushed the chart back about as far as it would go on ARC.....mid 70s....when was the
      Prudo Bay discovery? Early 70's ?....see commodity associated rise up through 1980....after
      which time it didn't matter: Prudo Bay, Hudson Bay or Tokyo Bay one would have wanted to be
      out of ARC to reenter later.

      No, sorry didn't "run away." Have as large a SFY
      position as I have ever had, less the trimming off of some traders yesterday just shy of $25.
      It never ceases to amaze me how the words "triple and quadruple" always appear when the
      Stocastics are at the top of the

    • Thanks for the gems you two posted (1512 and
      1514)!!! Anyone would be well advised to print and post
      these two right behind their computer. Following this
      advice for the next several years will be very


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