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  • zebra887 zebra887 May 18, 2000 5:02 AM Flag

    Volume jumped after NG news was

    See below chart of Natural Gas going back to Oct
    '98.....see the price now and then.

    Now see the 5 year chart of SFY - notice the split
    and high in Oct '98 - about $25 per

    Do you suppose there was any lack of enthusiasm for
    this stock then? Probably not. Do you suppose that
    time was going to be different?

    The questions
    we need to ask are: are the fundlementals in place
    this time for a sustained price for NG above $3.50;
    are the this company's fundlementals and prospects
    better now than they were in '98?

    Caution by
    investors will be witnessed in this area for E&P NG stocks
    and for SFY as well, as the history has been that
    these rushes up here into the mid $3 range don't last.