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  • carrollcountyman2004 carrollcountyman2004 Aug 6, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    The cool thing About EDVA and this stock

    Edva was just a poster on the VRNG YMB last fall when I ran across him. At the time, he said he was going to attend the IP engine(VRNG) vs. Google et al. trial in Virginia. He and another entity that went by the MikeHD handle sent email updates when court adjourned during various strategic times, with critical info, for free. The man is real, and he made or saved money for 100's who got those emails ahead of the press. The cool thing is EDVA is real and he is here, and will be attending the Markman hearing(as I understand). He has experience in court and can understand the jargon. This is a serious ACE in the hole for WDDD shareholders. Yes, I had some doubts early on with the makeup of WDDD, but you cleared my head, EDVA. I try to be objective and see both sides of a situation. WDDD looks to be a rising star. Good luck to you, EDVA, and good luck to all longs.

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    • yet neither Vringo nor WDDD go up.

    • Carrollcountyman...thanks for the kind words my friend. People invested in WDDD, for however long it takes to decide this case, will be the ones rewarded - it will just take a little while longer than we initially expected. When it was known that the Bulger trial was definitely going to wrap no later than the coming week, it appeared that the big feared stumbling block was removed in relation to the Markman Hearing. Ropes and Gray pressed their motion for continuance and it is my contention that the way they have played their strategy is going to backfire. I will have more on that quite soon if this plays out as I highly suspect it will. These investments are not about the daily gyrations of the stock. They are about the underlying case and far too many people forget that. Sure, if one is a day-trader mistiming a gyration is somehow considered a loss. We don't play that game and I will continue to say that as long and as loud as I need to for people to get that. The ultimate win, vindication of our assessment of the case itself, is what we're here for. For those people of like mind they should feel very good about this investment.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Vringo is a scam also. This stock is going to go out of business before they go to court. Maybe there never was a lawsuit

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