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  • leereece42 leereece42 Feb 24, 2012 9:11 PM Flag


    good day,

    do you post to other argentina stock boards? if not, i firmly believe you are a paid basher.

    you have to ask yourself, why did rbrt3 pick this company and not other argentina companies to post to their boards?

    also, he does not ever include the l-t sentiment disclosure. think about it.

    good luck to all,

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    • i appreciate the contributions of RBRT3. very helpful for someone to post relevant information. if i am buying, i occasionally have some idea of the upside. i get far more value from those who post information that points out relevant facts i have not considered than i do from those who share my viewpoint.

      some people look for validation or wish to be part of the gang. others prefer to receive useful information that assists in evaluating the investment prospects (meaning the upside as well as the downside). to each their own.

    • rbrt3,

      you are being recruited to work in china for aapl.

      good luck,

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      • OOOh, wow! Your attempt at derision is a failure. I suspect you are an older gentleman that spends lots of time at home becuase of prostate problems and having nothing to do but post infantile messages...I don't get it. What has Apple stock to do with my posting good information on this board. I don't post nonsense, except to denigrate via the written word if attacked, all my postings have attachments and are based on real life events. So far I've been right about YPF and the Argentine Government. Don't you think? Oh, by the way, I almost forgot, I do have relationship with apple. I bought 800 shares of Appl for, oh well, I'll just post the info from my account:
        09/04/08 08/29/08 PURCHASED APPLE INC COM UNSOLICITED ORDER 100.000 170.0295 17,004.81
        09/04/08 08/29/08 PURCHASED APPLE INC COM UNSOLICITED ORDER 500.000 170.0200 85,019.35
        09/04/08 08/29/08 PURCHASED APPLE INC COM UNSOLICITED ORDER 30.000 170.0275 5,101.39

        And this is as of the end of January:

        Common Stocks
        800.000 APPLE INC COM
        CUSIP: 037833100
        Dividend Option: Cash
        456.4800 365,184.00
        Security Identifier: AAPL

        And at the close they are worth over $428,000, a gain in 3.5 years of about $290,000.
        Now go and brag to your friends about your 100 share investmetn in YPF and stop writing infatile posts.

    • what it is,

      right on,

      good luck,

    • What planet did these morons come from??

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      • As much as I dislike Senor Roberto negativity, I still believe that he has valid points and offer a good counter weight in this trade. YPF has been given sort of a soft ultimatum last week to produce more energy. It remain to be seen what they're gonna do but I can't imagine that they will destroy their own enterprises.

        In this case with YPF, maybe its time to start easing on the gas peddle a little just to loose some heat and ease the govt pressure (just enough without fully conceding). In the end you can't butt head with morons because they will let their head be busted first before saying uncle and bringing you down with them.

        BTW did they forgot to buy anyone off somewhere along the food chain?

    • I suspect he is. But I don't care what he does, as long as he provides amusement ....

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      • Leereece wrote: “do you post to other Argentina stock boards? If not, I firmly believe you are a paid basher.”

        Lee, what leap of faith or logic did you use to arrive at the conclusion that I’m a paid basher? Obviously you didn’t use any of the human qualities we posses like; the ability to use deductive and inductive analysis. Lacking logic tells me you lack opposing thumbs (since you lack intelligence you might have to Google this one to understand the significance of it). Your faulty conclusion tells me you are the village idiot of the internet.

        By the way, I don’t know if there are people who are paid bashers, but don’t flatter yourself to think yours or anyone else’s opinion on this board can move YPF.

        On a second post soon after the first post Lee wrote: “you still haven't told me why you don't monitor other Argentina companies’ stock boards?

        Lee, you posted this on Friday night and you expected an immediate response. Obviously you’re an isolated loser somewhere in the backwoods of Texas. It was the weekend. My advice to you; get a life. Of greater concern is your inability to wait for a response so, like a typical hysterical old queen you posted a dare for me to respond.

        Given your impulsive need to post and expectation of an immediate response tells me, by my inductive and deductive analysis, that you are a “precocious ejaculator”.

        Now, do yourself a favor, re-read my posts and you will see that probably close to 100% have some newspaper article attached or the words of some government official in reference to YPF.

    • good day folks,

      rbrt3, please take you and your buds to china to monitor the sweatshops that aapl is using.

      yall could be more productive.

      you still haven't told me why you don't monitor other argentina companies stock boards?

      again you are a basher.

      good luck,

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