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  • joebo246 joebo246 Mar 17, 2012 9:07 AM Flag

    I bailed no future here

    reading all the other posts, suppose no dividend, suppose cut in half whatever... I just don't see this government ever let YPF earn its max profit, the Government will always be over its shoulder watching how much YPF earns... and when the earnings grow the government will want more too..

    I buy stocks for dividend growth and earnings growth... and this won't happen with YPF under this government,

    shareholders have wised up too PBR in Brasil, the government there said don't look for big dividends any time soon until the fields are developed and producing. I will stay away from socialist governments.. lesson learned...

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    • I guess you're feeling the pain. I've been there. All I can say is that while no one likes to chase stocks, IMO this was only day 1 of a multi-day, or multi-month move to much higher levels.

    • Big mistake. Rare to find a company this valuable and so cheap. You will regret selling, if you don't already.

    • Someone has to sell at the bottom.

    • well good luck, that's why it's fishing......

      IMHO I just felt my risk/reward was better elsewhere....

    • +1

      Never apply free market logic with this government (if they did than we would never be in this position)...After the govt/people and Repsol/YPF got their cut, you got the left over...if there is a left over. It's funny how in these type of situations, shareholders (not traders) are always the one that get shafted. You might get lucky this time but it's a gamble at best.

    • We will see who is gullible. I base my decision on facts and not some crystal ball, bottom feeder intuition that you claim to have. The facts are;

      1. This bannan republic has previously nationalized major oil companies.
      2. They are stripping away YPF's new oil fields and giving them to existing state controled oil companies.
      3. They owe billions on defaulted international loans and care nothing about international law.
      4. They intentionally start trade wars with major nations, such as Britian, and may soon face G20 sanctions for their actions.

      This documented banana republic history shows that this government will rape YPF and they care nothing about foreign rookie investors. Any money YPF earns will go into their pocket. Time will tell who is right, but I sleep well being out of this investment.

      By the way,have you ever heard of Chavez ?

    • Unless you have insider information, all you are reading is what the Argentine Gov wants you to read. Not a conspiracy at all, more like OBVIOUS leaks media in order to posture against YPF.

      Yet all the posturing in the world doesn't dismiss the fact that they, the Gov, need YPF's expertise and also they aren't going to shoot themselves in the foot and nationalize anything.

      You really are gullible! By the time you hear about it through leaks, negotiations are already underway. Watch and learn rookie.

    • It's an ugly chart, that's for sure. But it doesn't look like a falling knife.

      It is a bottom fishing play at this point. I say this because YPF is trading higher than it did when they first lost the concessions.

      The bottom may actually be in. I've been wrong many times, but not on YPF (yet). If I were right ALL the time, I wouldn't call it fishing.

    • No, an idiot is one that is neither long or short, but spends most of his day posting lame ideas
      and news stories that should not matter to him.

    • 1. Yes all news services are conspiring against YPF shareholders. LOL.
      2. A one day move does not make a trend
      3. We shall see how long it stays up

      Finally time will tell who laughs last concerning this stock.

      By the way I love your line "all published facts are fear campaigns and hear say". Based on that logic we should never learn to read!

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