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  • kevin_f_1999 kevin_f_1999 May 24, 2012 2:41 PM Flag


    I have owned YPF and/or Repsol for well over ten years and I have followed this somewhat closely but I am starting to try to look at what happened from another perspective. Imagine that the US Congress found out that Petro China was in talks to buy 57 percent of Exxon. What would the United States do? What if Argentina was fine with Repsol owning YPF but completely freaked out when they found out that Repsol was selling it to the Chinese? Remember Repsol sold all of their holdings in Brazil to the Chinese a year or two ago for 7 billion. This probably started to make the Argentinians very nervous. We can preach all we want but I doubt the US would allow Exxon or Chevron or Conoco to be sold to a Canadian company let alone a Russian or Chinese one. And the Chinese did try to buy a small oil company in the US several years ago and congress blocked it. Looking at it from this perspective, the Argentinans did the exact same thing that the US would do. The only problem is that they don't exactly have the money to pay for the 50 % they took. Still they could not allow it to be sold to the Chinese. Let's just be grateful they didn't take 100% of the company and see what happens. Say a prayer every night they choose to pay dividends. Remember they will be paying the majority of them to themselves now so they might be more willing to allow dividends.

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    • A lot of things happening with YPF. I doubt if shareholders will see a dividend in the forseable future. The next big event will be the meeting on June 4th. It will be interesting to see what is said at that time and also the new CEO comes aboard. I think that the minority shareholders will be safe going forward, the Argentine government got what they were after and the battle between them and Repsol & the Spanish government will continue. As a minority shareholder not much we can do at this time, but hold ,sell or buy and average our cost down and hope we get a pop back up.

    • duh what?

      dividends? your head is in the sand. i'd be amazed if ypf ever pays another dividend.

      my only question is what argentine assets are available worldwide for shareholders to attach once ypf sells a barrel of oil below market to appease the masses.

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