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  • togood2btru200x togood2btru200x Jul 13, 2004 9:12 PM Flag

    Lower cholesterol target bye bye CALM

    The perfect storm for shorts any bets we break $13 tommorrow?

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    • The egg yoke is what is high in cholesterol, not the egg whites. "Egg beaters" for people with high cholesterol is simply made up of egg whites, and food coloring. The egg yokes are removed.

      If this is the case, then people will need to eat MORE eggs. It takes more eggs to gain the egg whites for a cholesterol free omelet. High in protein, and no cholesterol.

      CALM is undervalued at this level.

    • Study paid for by drug producers!!

      Its all garbage!!!!!!

    • you don't know much about colesteral lowering, do you?

      i, for one, eat at least 20 eggs a week, am a heart patient(due to decades of low fat dieting and high colestoral) and now have LDL in the 60s.

      all you have to do is cut the sugar, potatos, and bread, and take the right meds, including either zetia or phytosterals which control the ingested colesteral. colesteral from food, btw, accounts for less than 20% of LDL in a body. the rest is produced by the liver. if you do not have heart disease, you can completely ignore the amount of colesteral from food, although saturated fat from meat should be limited.

      the heart health debate over eggs is over: eat eggs and live!

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      • The connection between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol was debunked years has been the connection between heart disease and cholesterol.

        Hundreds of studies confirm this. We don't hear about them, because of the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American public by the pharmaceutical/medical industry -- that people need to take drugs to "control" their cholesterol levels.

        Thousands of deaths have resulted from taking these drugs, which go unpublicized. The statin drugs have been shown to routinely cause cancer in rodents -- and will no doubt be shown to do the same in humans after a few more years have passed. A number of large studies have shown that mortality rates are HIGHER when cholesterol is artificially lowered. None of this stuff ever makes the press (you think any of the media is about to alienate their biggest advertisers?)

        Don't let them put you on any of the statin drugs. They're poison.

      • Agreed! In the restaurant business I see absolutely no shyness at the retail level about eating eggs. I see people daily eating 3, 4, maybe 5 (and sometimes 8 or more) scrambled eggs off the buffet.

        You know the overall diet fad is fairly idiotic for most of the population wishing to lose weight. Weight control is best attained by adequate well balanced intake and exercise. To a large degree, weight is about the amount taken in vs the amount expended through exercise/activity.

        Eggs have taken a bad rap in the past, but that's changing. I just wonder what Fred's going to do with the 75 million dollar war chest?

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